In Defense of the Cows

I’ve had the idea for this website for all of one total day, and in telling people about it I’ve noticed a thread.  Something to the effect of:

But my cow is an angel!

I want to make this very clear: I don’t have anything against cows.  In fact, I am quite fond of our bovine companions.  Lovable, loyal, and dapper I say.  The very first SCA group I was a part of has a cow as its symbol and claims all land where cows live.  So since a dishonored cow could presumably not inherit, and I still want them to gain land, I have little interest in spreading dishonor among cows.  And as a carnivore, I respect the noble sacrifice of le boeuf.  So the title of the blog casts aspersion on no specific cows.  While I might make posts calling dishonor on someone’s person and their cows for things they have done, I’m using the cow as a metaphor for their whole being.  It’s a metaphorical cow not an allegorical cow, because I didn’t say the cow was like their whole being.

Well, alright.  One group of specific cows.  Ninja cows can suck it.  They really do know what they did.

4 thoughts on “In Defense of the Cows”

  1. I’m willing to take a vow to never bring dishonor on my cow. Fortunately, my cows are all self-respecting cows and not those free-love hippy cows. Just kidding, some of my cows are hippy cows. I’ll try not to dishonor them either. But once they start drinking, I can make no promises about what they themselves may or may not do.

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