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This is the personal webpage of Matthew Parker.  It will host, or at least we hope, writings and musings that range from interesting to “Why did someone think this should be on the internet?”  But in a fun, weird way rather than an “Oh God, the squids, my eyes” way.  Topics will include anything I think of, because I paid for the domain name; isn’t the internet amazing.

Why the name?  It’s a great line, that’s why.


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Cool website, dude. Haven’t had time to read it all yet, but I will. Is this a form of self-publishing, a blog or something even more 21st century that I don’t understand? Good luck with it. Laurie

    • A little of both really. Currently it houses my nonfiction writing on all topics, so it’s me giving my random thoughts some air. I hope to start doing some self publishing of things soon through it or another site.

  2. Very informative piece on the Clinton “scandal”. My only comment was regarding security clearances, I believe they remain active for 2 years after you leave whatever job required them. This may be different for civilian positions, like Clintons. Minor point I will admit, and wouldn’t change the outcome, but I felt it worthy of mentioning.

    Feel free to delete this message. I would love a response if I am mistaken.

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