Mori-Blogi Te Salutem

I’m not going to lie: I opened this as a lark.  I love coming up with funny website or tumblr names, and Dishonor on Your Cow I believe to be one of the most random and entertaining lines that ever came out of a Disney movie.  And really, this is probably the most tame website name I’ve come up with in years.  Seriously, ask some people who know me sometime and you will find this is way more normal than they expected.

So what’s the point here, what’s the haps?  I don’t know.  I plan to evolve that over time, and have this be the one blog I actually keep updating.  I’m not going to lie and say I’ve been great about that before but then again I’ve never had a great website name like ‘Dishonor on Your Cow’.  I’d love to host some interesting content from both myself and the talented people I know.

And if it makes me chuckle then that’s worth a year of GoDaddy hosting fees at least.

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