Ming Dynasty Oath of Fealty

I was given the opportunity to consult on an Oath of Fealty appropriate to the Ming Dynasty, for an individual’s “In Case of Peerage” file if they should be made a member of the Order of Defense. It is based on the ‘Oath of the Peach Garden’ from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a seminal 14th Century work of Chinese historical fiction. The oath in question is between three famous soldiers of the Chinese Warring States period: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. The three friends swear the oath before departing to fight against the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Despite the oath, they did not die on the same day.


I here swear fealty and solemn oath, in front of the Throne of the Dragon, and the companions of this Order. That though of different families, I shall join them as a sworn brother. That from this day forward, we shall stand as one band for common purpose: To save those in trouble and aid those in danger; to serve Crown and Kingdom, and guide the people; to face our foes with courage and honor; and to be guardians of the just and right. And though not born on the same day, to seek death on the same field. And if I ever should do anything to turn aside from righteousness, forget mercy, or betray my sacred band, may all of heaven and the people of the earth smite me. So swear I, Liu Kuaici.

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