Laurel Scroll: Hugo van Harlo

Love, wisdom, courage, tenderness, rationality, and truth! Celestial graces come to earth to guide the ascendant soul. These are the sheathed swords of the wise; the quivered arrows of the seeking heart. With them one might limn the history of the world in gold, and without find only cobweb and shadows all around.

As Apollo’s chariot wrote a fiery record ‘cross the morning sky, so has one sought the truth of all matters as a hierophant of inspiration. Hugo van Harlo, noble lord of glorious orange, has traced the lines of the earth and described them with his science. In the academy an owl, on the field a lion, in the hearts of his kindred a faithful hound; and in no endeavor found wanting of joy. The silver hammer of his mind has sounded the steady beat of dedication, that all may march beside him.

Call to his brow the victor’s wreath, the emerald badge of keen perception! To his body adorn the cloak and keys! To his name let all honors be set, though the brightest gold be further burnished by his teachings. Hold to him a mirror, as he holds his reflections to us, that he may see himself as we do: A Laurel of Calontir, proper in all things.

Here are signed those elevated names, to record the justice of the world, and that all may know it was done on the 28th Day of January in the 57th year of the Society.

Logan                          Ylva
King                            Queen

(Text is based on laudatory poems of the late 16th century, after discussion with the recipient. The first lines draw on Petrarch’s Sonnet VI (; the hierophant line a relevant but admittedly post-period description by Shelley from A Defence of Poetry. The goal was more an evocation of late period imagery, metaphor, and laudatory verse rather than a specific recreation of any one source. This was to reflect the Humanistic and Romantic side of the recipient’s persona, as his ceremony reflected the more legalistic side. They thus hopefully serve as companions, encompassing the entirety of his persona and desires for his elevation.)

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