Falcon’s Heart – War College

(The goal of this text was to emphasize the multiple persona cultures which have been involved with the War College. Norse is for Their Majesties, Greek for His Highness, and Mongol to have something further afield. This is emphasized with the line about ‘all ages and places’. The first line from the Norse section comes from the Poetic Edda as translated by Lee M. Hollander. The line about the small stone holding back the ocean is adapted from Book 3 of the Odyssey, translated by A.T. Murray)

In the 57th year of the Society Logan, King by Right of Arms, and Ylva, Kennara Queen, directed their court to scour the records to determine those most deserving of glory and honor. The first came forward with a reading from the sagas:

Those brave and generous live the best lives, and seldom will they sorrow. Hail, heroes of the heartland, home of the horn blowers; heed now the stories of the trainers of battle, the nourishers of wisdom.

The second came forward with a tale of the steppes:

Swift are the warriors of the Falcon Ordu, born to battle beneath the ceaseless blue sky. Sharp are the swords, sharper the arrows; but sharpest still the cunning of mind. Greatest among these, the heart of the Ordu, the warriors riding at the right of the Khan: Generals and leaders, warriors without equal, guiding and training the might of the horde.

The final came forward with verses from the ancient epics:

Sing, muse, of the wisdom of warriors, of those who seek not the front of the line. For as a small rock holds back a great wave, they hold the tide of war from the armies they lead.

Thus, on the __ day of ________, Anno Societatis 57, Logan decreed: “It is the wisdom of all ages and places that those who train and lead must hold a special place in the halls of the heroes. So must we honor the War College of Calontir, bloodied in battle and always worthy.”

Thus, in the presence of the army, the fruit of their learning, Ylva decreed: “As they are the heart of the army, let them be given the Heart of the Falcon, and bear on their banners this honor for all time.”

Thus, it was done, and the soldiers were heartened; thus, it was done, and recorded in steel; thus, it was done and may never be forgotten so long as the honor of the falcon holds true.

Logan                   Ylva
King                      Queen

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  1. I was privelaged to be standing behind Their Excellency’s of Vatavia as this was done. The faces of those brave generals is something g I shall always remember. Beautiful text for a most deserving award.

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