Heralds of Calontir Holiday Letter

To the Heralds of Calontir, greetings!

What a year it has been. This message is to take a minute to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the last year, and look forward to what we’re planning for the next.

In 2016, I had the pleasure of stepping up as Gold Falcon Principal Herald. That gives me an opportunity to see all of the amazing work the Heralds of this Kingdom do from a unique position. So many of you are working so hard, on so many projects, and they don’t all get the love they should. Part of this is because a lot of our work goes on behind the scenes. And part of it is because my first instinct as a person is that if things are running well, they don’t need comment.

I recognize that is not the best way to run things, and I am working on it. But I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.

To all the book heralds who work endless hours at consult tables, helping people get arms and names and whose sole credit is a line in OSCAR.

To all the field heralds who are willing to sacrifice their voice, their time, and their effort at a moment’s notice to make sure our tournaments have the pageantry they need.

To all the court heralds who get up in front of the whole of the Kingdom and speak for our royalty and landed nobility, and ensure courts are well heard and well received.

To the administrative heralds who keep things running, doing work in the background no one may ever see because you care about it happening.

Thank you. You are what make this College one of the best in the SCA, and make it happen. We had a fantastic year: Months of great submissions and no returns, flawless courts, and some of the best run tournaments I’ve seen in my entire SCA career.

I want to thank some specific people as well, who have earned great word fame for all the things they’ve done.

Konstantia Kaloethina continues to be a pillar of this Kingdom, and work her tail off.

Brigida von Munchen, my Purple Falcon, who has my back and keeps things going when I can’t, and whose service to this College is long and well known.

Lelia Corsini, my Purple Quill, who keeps me sane, on task, and well advised at all times.

Dorcas Whitecap, whose program as White Hawk to get new people doing court heraldry has been phenomenal.

Alexandra Vasquez de Grenada (Shandra), who has served so ably as the Saker Herald these last two years—you leave the office in a fantastic state for whoever succeeds you.

The technowizards who keep the College looking good, Hugo van Harlo, Giovanni Loredan, and Ffelix Aeskelsson, whose efforts have made the websites and Precedence look so damn good.

And to a crack group of heralds who stepped in at Toys for Tots, and who I heard many great things about (Johann Steinarsson, Brian Robert MacDougall, Bryan of Loch Rannoch, Sawbina Fahy, Maegwynn Attewoode, Da’ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari, Finan mac Crimthainn, Jade Winterwolf, Odo de Home, and Robert Brockman)…

Thank you. You all rock so very hard, and have for so very long. You make this job easy, you make me and the Kingdom look good, and my debt to you all knows no bounds. Thank you.

This was a great year. We had a lot of great work that came out of the Heraldic Retreat, including a re-ordering of the Heraldic Titles and the way the College works that are still coming. We’ve pitched out some extra handbooks to help heralds, and some of those will be rolling out this year. We have great commentary on OSCAR, and so many people participate not just on our internal letters but other Kingdom’s and Laurel as well.

Here are some of the plans and goals for the next year:

  • New Herald’s Handbook (being written by Gold Falcon and Purple Quill)
  • Gold Falcon Handbook (being written by Konstantia Greek Fire)
  • Saker Handbook update (to be written by the next Saker)
  • Calontir pilgrimage to Glenn Abhann for Known World Heraldic (It’s only 10 hours from KC, 7 hours from St. Louis!)
  • Shepherding through every non-registered Calontir award until they are registered.
  • Recruiting and promoting heralds (helping to move new heralds to experienced, and experienced to senior).

As always if you want to help on any of these projects or have project ideas of your on, do not hesitate to contact me. You can always reach me at goldfalcon@calontir.org.

Until then I remain,

Yours in Service,


Saito Takauji

Gold Falcon Principal Herald

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