Ashir and Ashland Scroll Texts

This post is a collection of all the scroll texts written by Saito Takauji (me) for the reign of Ashir and Ashland. It includes all the AoAs in English and Mongol text styles, the Cross for Sato and Ise, the Stile Hirth for William Douglas, all three QED texts (including mine), Ashland’s county, and Ashir’s duchy. Sources are noted with their individuals text where appropriate in italics.


Eo Fyrd (Mongol)

Foemen fall quiet as the plains churn with dust, for even the foolish know the peril they face. The bow and the sword are but their last fear, for the thunder of hooves is their death given form. 

At the head of the horde rides the Qan, whose fury brings the mountains low. At his side rides the Qatan, whose glory makes the magnificent sun dim. Behind them come the Falcon Ordu; with battlebefore them, their hearts sing aloud. ________ has ridden the breadth of the kingdom, stirruped in honor and barded in glory. With spear in hand they are made a rider of the Ordu, Eo Fyrd now for all to see.

Proclaimed under the great blue sky on the ___ day of _____ in the month of the __________ (MONGOLMONTH NAME) when the Ordu galloped across the land.

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


Torse (Mongol)

(Based on ‘Praise of Mahakala’ by Choji Odser, circa 1305)

Falcons circle in the great blue sky to hear the words of the Qan Ashir, and the first spring flowers bloom to the call of the Qatan Ashland. From the plains they call ________; of the Falcon Ordu. Let their worth be praised as the sages of old.

With scroll in hand you have spread the law to teachers and ministers, sons and daughters. With your service and your voice, have the mountains been shook and stood to listen. Now the Qatan pins the symbols of rank to your robes, the bird and the three toed dragon. Now the Qan places jade in your hand, and calls you to the rank of the Torse.

Sealed under the eternal sky on the ___ day of _____ in the month of the __________ (MONGOL MONTH NAME), when great deeds were proclaimed.

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan

Boga Fyrd (Mongol)

The thunder of hooves are the drums of the horde, the Falcon Ordu born to war. But the strum of the bowstrings is the symphony of the plains, the great Calon horde bring foemen to heel. Without the bow the hordes cannot range, no honor to be found or new lands to find. Without the archer, the bow cannot sing. ____________ has made the arrows sing. They have spread the wings of the Falcon Ordu to new plains and lands, and their prowess has brought glory to all. For this the Qan, Ashir of the Oaks, calls them to bear. For this the Qatan, Ashland the Golden, favors their strength. For this they are granted a horn-bow and thumb ring proclaiming they now stand as Boga-Fyrd.

Done in the sight of the great blue sky on the ___th day of _________, in the Month of the <MONGOL MONTH> when the fletched death flew.

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


Iren Fyrd

Swift are the warriors of the Falcon Ordu, born in to battle as the dust churns behind. Great are the deeds of the Horde of the Heartland, against whom the stars in the heavens must bow. Valiant are those who ride with the Qan, Ashir the Righteous who summons their swords.

One stands amongst the riders and warriors, mud and the foemen scattered before. The Qan and Qatan, riding together, summon ____________ to come to them now. You who have stood in the lands of the conquered, bedecked in glory for the great Falcon Horde; you who have ranged with spear for your kinsman, now let you be raised in the sight of the sky. Stand with the ranks of your ancestors honored, a Fyrdman to fight for the lands that you love.

Done in the sight of the spear born assembled, on the ___ day of _________, in the month of the <MONGOL MONTH>

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


AoA (Mongol)

Worthy men and women are to the life of the Ordu as water, steel, and the breath of the great blue sky. Without worthy people the Qan, Ashir the Swift Falcon, can have no strength. Without worthy people the Qatan, Ashland the Golden Flower, can have no justice.

The worthy from all the lands of the Falcon Ordu are named Taishi, a noble of the court. Their value and their deeds are proclaimed to all the windswept lands, and inscribed in the eye of the heavens itself. Such a one is _______________, whose deeds have called the eye of the Qan and Qatan. Let their name be recorded and read through the lands. Let them take their place among the nobility of the Ordu.

Let their names be sealed among the ranks of the noble this ___ day of ___________, in the month of the <MONGOL MONTH>

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


Stile Fyrd

The wind sings of the glory of the Falcon Ordu, and the wide plains of the land echo the tales of their valor. The unconquered warriors of the Qan stand vigilant at the borders of his lands, and the ever vigilant guard of the Qatan stand ready for the long night of war.

Call the warrior _____________, whose sword flashes and steel gleams in the sight of the great blue sky. They have shed the scarlet blood of the foemen on the field of war, and stood victorious over the fallen. Let their names be etched in steel and placed among the ranks of the honored; let them bear the name of their swords, and stand as Stile Fyrd.

As steel stands eternal so shall these words of the Qan and Qatan, etched in history this ____ day of ____________, in the month of the <MONGOL MONTH>

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


Leather Mallet

The wisdom of our fathers tells that the saddle is worth nothing without its straps. The wisdom of our mothers tells that the deel cannot be made without the thread. So too do the Qan, Ashir the Wise, and the Qatan, Ashland the Just, know that those who make such things bind the whole Ordu together. 

And so they call the seals of nobility to be set upon the name of ______________, who has created works of worth and renown. Know them now and see the righteousness of their efforts. As their science has built the foundations of the Ordu, let them be honored among those known as the Leather Mallets.

So the Qan and Qatan have caused their names to be written in glory this ___ day of __________, in the month of the &lt;MONGOL MONTH&gt;.

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


Calon Swan

Gold adorns the hair of the beauteous Qatan, Ashland. Gold hangs from the saddle and the sword of the righteous Qan, Ashir. The artisans of the Ordu deck the land in beautiful things and glorify the people with their skillfulness.  So the wisdom of the Qan and Qatan call their artisans to cheer for one of their own.

______________ has spread art to the four corners of the world, and brought honor to the Falcon Throne.  As they have spread gold and silver through their lands, let the emblem of the Golden Calon Swan now proclaim their rank.

Limned in gold and set in the silken banners of the Ordu this ___________ day of ____________, in the month of  <Mongol Month>

Ashir Ashland

Qan Qatan


AoA (English)

TO ALL by whom these present letters come, greetings. Ashir, by right of arms King of all the shires, cantons, and Baronies of Calontir, and his Queen of Love and Beauty Ashland, bid you heed now Their words. Know ye of the especial worth and divers efforts that have been shown by _____________, loyal subject of Our realms.

For the good and bountiful deeds they have done to the enrichment of Our lands therefore do we, by our especial grace and in accordance with the law, hereby decree that they be granted now and in perpetuity Arms and raised to the rank and title of (Lord/Lady). We further decree they shall be granted all rights, privileges, and appurtenances thereunto.

Done by Our Hands and sealed by Our Royal sign manual this ___ day of ____________, Anno Societatis (50 or 51).

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Swan (English)

Beauty is the bounty of a Kingdom, and much beloved of Calontir. Its splendid King, Ashir II of the painted plains, and beauteous Queen Ashland, golden haired, send greetings to all by whom these presents come. Knowing of the beauty that has been wrought in Our realm through the good efforts of _______________, the Crown by these letters creates them a member of the Order of the Golden Calon Swan.

Let the works of this good gentle be proclaimed through the lands. Let all loyal subjects of Calontir rejoice for the beauty they have brought to the realm, for the gold and silver and brilliance of their Arts and efforts.

Done in Our names and sealed by Our Royal sign manual this ___ day of ____________, Anno Societatis (51).

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Leather Mallet (English)

(Nota bene: I like scrolls that list off lots of things, but I apologize to Alessandra for this one.)

To all woodworkers, leatherworkers, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, weavers, brewers, cutlers, chandlers, armourers, masons, cordwainers, and practitioners of the diverse sciences, Greetings. Know ye by these letters Ashir, King by right of all Calontir, and Ashland, lawful Queen, espouse special recognition and honors upon your crafts, and wish to continue to see them established as in the days of Their ancestors.

And so They, by Royal Proclamation, elevate the noble craftsman ___________ from the ranks of the apprentices to the ranks of the journeymen, and induct them into the noble Order of the Leather Mallet. As a sign, They command the following medallion to be laid upon their work table, to wit: Purpure, on a pale dovetailed argent three leather mallets proper.

Done the ___ day of ___________, AS ___, by the Royal Sign Manual.

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Iren Fyrd (English)

(Because it is Calontir, I had to do at least one that was done in an Anglo-Saxon or Norse style. Hwaet is the opening of Beowulf, commanding the listener to pay attention. The rest is done with the characteristic alliteration and use of kennings that marks the sagas).

Hwaet! Heard in high halls the honor of the King, Ashir of the Swift Steed. Heard by the hearth the heart of the Queen, Ashland, whose hair shines like Sif’s. Let their words ring like the clash of steel and iron, and echo like the deeds of the warriors of Calontir!

Standing with spear, solid and steady, shines one such warrior. _____________ has forced foemen to flee the field and garbed themselves in glory. Bedecked in righteousness, they stand worthy before the Hall of Kings. Ashir, moved by their power, breaks a ring for their arm. Ashland, moved by their strength, calls them to kneel. Together they name them Iren Fyrd, Warrior of the Spear, and bid them rise.

Done in the hall of ___(GROUP)___ this __ day of ______________, in the ___ year, to the cheers of the Heartland assembled.

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Boga Fyrd (English)


The song of the archer is the strumming of bow-strings, their tempo the clash of the battle before. Ashir, King by Arms and Glory, has heard this song in the plains of his birth. Ashland, Wise Queen, has heard this song in the field of glory.

______________ is one who has known the song of the bowman, and danced in the rain of iron. In honor they have taken the fruit of the yew and defended their homeland, and shown their prowess with the straight clothyard shaft. Let a new bow be placed in their hand, says the King. Let new arrows be placed in their belt, says the Queen. Let them be made a Boga Fyrd, the Crown proclaims to the lands they have guarded.

In honor written, in justice done this __ day of _________________, A.S. ____, and sealed by Our Royal Sign manual.

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Stile Fyrd (English)

(This scroll based on the decrees of the English Company of the Masters of Defense, specifically announcing the playing of a prize and announcing that someone had won their prize and been promoted).

BE IT KNOWN by all to whom these presents come Greetings are given by Ashir, by right and law King, and Ashland, by knowledge and wisdom Queen. We, in accord with the laws and customs of the Realm do issue this letter and by it order, ajudge, and decree the following:

We do hereby give leave and license Our subject ______________ to the rank of Free Scholar and Stile Fyrd of Calontir. They have shown their talent at the subtle mysterie of the longsword, sword and buckler, and rapier and dagger. We call them to be uphold and be true to their Kingdom and Crown, to not pass on their skills to base drunkards or suspect ruffians, and to stand with mercy when they may and justice forever more.

Proclaimed by right and Royal will this ___ day of _________________, being the ___ year of the Society, and set by Our hands and seals of honor.

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Eo Fyrd (English)

Harken to the Halls of the Heartland, the house of heroes of ancient renown. Hear the thunder of hooves in the heart of the battle, horseflesh and iron forcing the lines. Ashir, born in the saddle, calls the Eo to break battle tide. Ashland, whose beauty is peerless, calls the Fyrdman to stand by her side.

_____________ rides cross the Crownlands, bringing to battle the strength of their steed. The foemen they’ve scattered and sundered surrender and seek not the raining of steel. Let they and their partner be clad in bright colors, Eo Fyrd glory given them now. Their spears and lances they’ve shown know no equal, the Crown to proclaim their glory to all.

Done by the Highest, in view of the People, and proclaimed under law to all that can hear. On this ___ day of _____________, in the ____ year, did the Crown of the Falcon speak and make so.

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


TORSE (English)

KNOW YE who come by these letters that the true and lawful King, Ashir, and his brilliant Queen Ashland, send greetings and welcome.

Without service there is no Kingdom, and Ashir no sturdy throne to rule the land from. Without service there is no feast hall or pageant, and Ashland has nowhere to lead in wisdom. Service is the brick upon which the great keeps of Calontir are built, for all who seek peace to live in with joy.

_____________ is a true servant of the Kingdom. Espousing special faith in said true servant, the King and Queen create them now a member of the Order of the Torse. They grant them the right to wear the badge of the order and set a torse upon their helm, as is most proper for one who so serves.

Done in the halls they have supported and the realm they have born, this ___ day of ___________, Anno Societatis ___, by Our hand and Royal Sign.

Ashir                Ashland

King                Queen


Falcon’s Claw Scroll:

(This is the first text ever for a Falcon’s Claw):

The horse cannot run if it does not learn as a foal; the falcon cannot strike unless taught as an eyas. So the warriors of the Great Falcon Ordu are not born fully formed of the Great Blue Sky. The fiercesome Khan, Ashir the Twice Crowned, knows they must be trained up in war. The wise Qatan, Ashland the Noble Born, knows they must be raised in honor.

One such training in arms and rising in fame is __________, beloved of the Ordu. For the feats they have shown, Ashir proclaims them a warrior. For the skills they have gained, Ashland proclaims their honor. Qan and Qatan together proclaim them a Companion of the Falcon’s Claw, the young and fierce defenders of the Heartlands.

Done in the sight of the honored elders, in the true ways of the ancestors, on the __th day of the (INSERT NEAT MONGOL MONTH).

Ashir                                                                  Ashland

Qan                                                                    Qatan


Purple Feather Scroll:

(Similarly the first Purple Feather scroll):

The Lily does not spring forth from the soil in full bloom; the Hammer is forged one step at a time, each building upon the last. So the craftsmen and artisans of the Great Falcon Ordu must learn their trade skill by skill, and year by year from their youth.

Thus the wisdom of the Qan, Ashir, says that artisans among the young shall be recognized for their worth. Thus the justice of the Qatan, Ashland, demands that youthful crafters be honored for their skill. Thus the Qan and Qatan together created the Order of the Purple Feather of Calontir, to set among the banners of the Ordu.

(YOUTH NAME) has toiled in the forge smoke or by the fire, worked in silk or fed the Ordu, or shown great promise in one of the myriad arts and sciences valued by the people of the Falcon. Let the tools of their skills be placed in front of them, and their place secured among those who build, craft, and create for the good of all.

The will of the Qan and Qatan is eternal, and committed to memory here on the __th day of the (MONGOL MONTH) in the (MONGOL YEAR).

Ashir                     Ashland

Qan                       Qatan


Purple Jess Scroll:

(Similarly the first Purple Jess scroll)

The Master of the Qan’s horses knows well the toil of the stables; the Mistress of the Qatan’s robes knows well the prick of needle by candle light. None who serve the Great Falcon Ordu can do so without learning at the hands of their elders, passing their knowledge on in a chain of wisdom stretching to the ages.

Ashir, the Qan who toils tirelessly for the Ordu, values those who have taken their first steps on the path of service. Ashland, the Qatan who loves those who serve the riders of the Falcon, honors those who would work for the good of the people. The Qan and Qatan together take the flower of the youth of Calontir and shower them with renown.

(YOUTH NAME) knows the early years of toil and effort, and has brightened the lands of the Ordu with their word. So the great Qan and Qatan brighten their name with the Order of the Purple Jess, and their garments with the symbols of that order; the brilliance of these is eclipsed only by the work they have done.

Set in the proper signs and sealed under the law of the elders on the __th day of the (MONGOL MONTH) in the (MONGOL YEAR).

Ashir                     Ashland

Qan                       Qatan


QED Chivalric Behavior:

Hear now oh Heartland, the words of the Qatan—Ashland the fair haired, fierce ruler and wise. With thunderous hooves she has ridden to warfronts, ruled with justice, and forged peace ties beside. Dear to her heart are those who have shown the honor due to a worthwhile foe. Honor so given is honor returned, from the glorious mother of the great Falcon lands.

_____________ is endorsed with Qatan’s distinction, for their honorable deeds done in Ordu’s name. Let the now horde bedeck them with gems and with glory, though no gold can match the honor they’ve shown.




QED Gentle and Courteous Behavior

The great golden Horde of the Falcon knows warfare, the battle and siege and dark churning mud. But also the glory of silk and of speaking, the sword kept in sheath for kind words instead. Ashland the Qatan, brilliant and righteous, holds those who know this close to her heart. For the Ordu can grow not only at sword point, but in reflection of those who shine like the sun.

____________ is endorsed with Qatan’s distinction, their words and their deeds strong as their steel. Let the horde now bedeck them with gems and with glory, earned by the way they’ve inspired the sky.




QED Ideals of the Society:

(This is the scroll text that Countess Ashland had me write, knowing it would be my own QED scroll text).

The heroes of ancients live on in our stories, their names to ring out on the steppes for all time. They stand as ideals for those who would follow, their striding and legends as tall as the sky. Ashland the Qatan, the golden haired glory, stands with those legends in word and in deed; the joy of our Ordu knows well the effort it takes to inspire the lands that she loves.

And so the Qatan does endorse with distinction the works of her subject, _________________. With every word and deed they have taken, they have furthered the ideals that the horde holds most dear. Let their people bedeck them with gems and with glory, their names to ring out on the steppes for all time.




Order of the Cross for Sato and Ise

(This scroll text is based on the ‘Proclamation of the Emperor Shōmu on the Erection of the Great Buddha Image’, by the Emperor Shōmu in the year 743)

Having respectfully succeeded to the throne through virtue, the Tennô Ashir is possessed of a solicitude for all men. The Chûgu, Ashland, is ever intent on spreading benevolence and peace through all of the lands. Their fervent desire is for all to live under the aegis of the Falcon, that the benefits of peace may be brought to all warring factions, even animals and plants sharing in its fruits for all time to come. Therefore they take this vow:

All who serve the common good, and bring peace to the lands shall be rewarded. But those who serve in peace and assist the preparations of warriors most of all shall be honored. Serving those who serve would appear to be an easy task, yet a lack of sufficient forethought might result in the people being put to great trouble. The names of those who help to lead, and train, warriors in the art of the horse and sword shall be inscribed at the base of a monument to Hachiman.

Sato Jiro of the House of Kuji and Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru have undertaken to lead the mounted warriors of Our lands. In their names we create a shrine of veneration to Hachiman. Wood from their lands shall be carved into ema to furnish it, and for the shintai we command a stirrup from each of their most spirited mules. For their worth and dedication, and in accordance with the law and will of the land, we raise them in honor to the Cross of Calontir.

Let no authority disturb or harass them by arbitrary demand, for We exercise all the power in the land by our lawful edicts. This edict is to be proclaimed far and wide so that all may understand Our intentions in the matter.

Sealed under the law, and in accordance with Our will on the ___ day of ______________, in the first year of the current era, known as Anno Societatis ___ in some courts.

Ashir                                                   Ashland

Tennô                                                 Chûgu


Stile Hirth for William Douglas:

(Based on ‘Grant of a crest to Thomas Cathorne of Pembrokeshire, 1553’, Cynthia’s Revels by Ben Johnson (1600), and period prize announcements of the London Company of Masters)

BE IT KNOWN to all that profess arms that Ashir, by right of such skill King of Calontir, and Ashland, by wisdom his Queen, send greetings.

Equity wills and reason ordains that virtuous men of noble courage be by their merits and good renown rewarded not only by their deeds, but be set in a place of honor with others of their kind. As such Our ancestors created by their hand and royal will the Order of the Stile Fyrd, to give leave and license to those skilled in the subtle mysteries of defence to practice said art and to recognize their demonstrations of honor on the field.

Having especial knowledge of his good works and skill in the arms, We do therefore prefer and create William Douglas, subject of our Realm, by Grant of Arms a member of this noble Order. He has been found a well-tried and sufficient man with diverse weapons, and played the prize victoriously within Our lists here and in years past.

In witness whereof We affix these letters under the Royal sign-manual this 16th Day of June, Anno Societatis 52, at the 31st War of the Lilies.

Ashir                           Ashland

Rex                              Regina


County for Ashland:

(Her Excellency specifically requested that the scroll text reference her children, hence ‘mother to three kestrels’; also she wanted to be able to claim the first beef sticks of Sir Cilian’s lands, hence ‘The first claim of tribute from the lands of Macmarro’.)

The life of the Ordu is birthed in wisdom, and justice is the blood that beats from its heart. Without glory or honor the folk do not prosper, and none will answer to the Qan’s mighty call. Only with rulers of iron and conscience can the virtues of heaven be seen in the land.

One who has ruled is the golden flower Ashland, the Lady of arrows and needles and war. Mother to the Falcon, mother to three kestrels, champion of those still learning to serve. In Heartland and battle she has rallied the riders, like great Queens of old she has stood by their side. The swamplands have trembled at the sight of her coming, the thunder has ceased and the rains fled the sky; none who have stood beside her have perished, but those turned against her have run for their lives.

The Qan of the Falcon, Damien the Oak Born, has seen with his own eyes how keenly she strikes. The Qatan born of wisdom, Issabell the Lily, knows well the greatness of her skill and her heart. Beneath the blue sky, with their wills united, they make these decrees for all of the Ordu.

Land shall be granted to her as a birthright, pastures and orchards for the good of her folk. Gold shall adorn her brow as is written, though no gold compares to what nature bestowed. And the title of Gonji, peer only to sovereign, shall be granted to her to have for all time.

Further for worth and merit in wartime, shall glories and honors be heaped by her yurt. The first claim of tribute from the lands of Macmarro are hers to decide, to give or to keep.

Done by Our hand and confirmed by Our will, in wisdom and honor write we words this day; sealed in red ink and set in the banners, let any who flaunt them suffer Our wrath.

Done before the law in the ancient forms this __ day of the (MONGOL MONTH), in the (MONGOL YEAR).

Damien                               Issabell

Qan                                      Qatan


Duchy for Ashir:

(This scroll text references ‘The Epic of Jangar’, in which the noble Prince destroys the city of Goljing for various epic and appropriate reasons. The reference to ‘the bear-blooded Taiji’ is to Duke Ostwald; Duke Ashir specifically asked for land in the scroll text to be held in trust for Ostwald’s children, as a way of remembering His Grace.).

Hear now, O Children of the Great Blue Sky. The mountains have shaken at the passing of horses, the plains have been choked by the marching of armies. The foemen have fallen like the wheat of the farmer, cut down by blades more wicked and sharp. Ashir the twice crowned, born of the falcon, lord of the riders has come once again. All have prospered beneath the sign of the Blue Hand—none who have stood against him have lived.

The fiercest of warriors, the Qan born of Oak Trees, Damien MacGavin calls to him now. Righteous in wisdom and haloed in glory, the Qatan Issabell sits by his side. With voices joined they call to the Baatar, the fierce bladed horse lord, the servant of all.

Hear ye now, those born to the kestrel, of the honors granted to the valiant Ashir. The gems he has born are no longer worthy, for his glory has dulled their lustrous light. The symbols of honor he has earned with his valor, set them now upon his breast and his brow: The three leafed crest of the highest of nobles, the dragon and falcon, and the finest of gold. No lesser symbols do justice or honor to the Taiji who brought the world to its knees.

Land shall be given for horses and pasture, green and fertile for cows and for sheep. No man shall take them or tax them or burn them, and on these he answers to none but the Qan. Let any who seek to intrude on this glory be dealt with like Jangar destroying Goljing.

In the days of the ancients and wisdom of elders it is said that a lord must see to his kin. And so shall more land be given for pasture, the good and the bounty to pass not to him. He shall take it for those born to his kinsman, the bear-blooded Taiji who bore him through battle. Let those lands be an honor like their blessed father; let his strength and its bounty shelter them still.

Set among the banners of the righteous, sealed in the red ink, and commended to the will of Heaven on this __ day of the <MONGOL MONTH> in the <MONGOL YEAR>.

Damien                               Issabell

Qan                                      Qatan


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