Ashir and Ashland II Scroll Texts

These are the scroll texts written for the second reign of Ashir and Ashland by Saito Takauji. All pre-prints for the reign as well as Ashland’s QED Scroll Texts (written for the first reign), the Lily for Zoe Mikre, and Her Grace Ashland’s Duchy Scroll.

AoA (Mongol)

Two times before the horde has been called, and defended the lands of the great Calon tribe. Two times before all have basked in the wonder of the skill and beauty of the land that they love. Now once more comes Ashir the Swift Sword, to give honor and glory like the sure flowing tide; with Ashland the Golden guiding and ruling with justice and wisdom, strong by his side.

Now is the time when new legends are born, birthed in the light of the all-seeing sky. One has stepped forward to claim hero’s birthright: __________________, a scion of the Falcon true born. Let them be given title and honors, that all know the worth of the deeds they have done. Let them be given the arms of the nobles, set in their packs and the banners they fly.

Seal now their names in the rolls of the people, on the __ day of ____________________, in the year of the _________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


AoA (English)

The custom of Kings is justice, and none more so than the Falcon King Ashir. The custom of Queens is honor, and none more so than the Falcon Queen Ashland. The custom of Calontir is glory, her subjects known throughout all the Laurel Kingdoms.

Knowing well of the diverse efforts of __________________ done in Their name and in the name of Their Kingdom, their Majesties are well moved to name this trusty and beloved subject to the nobility of their land. By their especial grace and favor they name them a ___________ (LORD/LADY) of the court, to take their place among the nobility in the ancient dance of the Falcon.

Done by the law and sealed under the royal sign manual this __ day of _____________, Anno Societatis __.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen


Iren Fyrd (Mongol)

Sing the war song of the Ordu! Strike the drums that set the foemen to flight. Ready the spears round the thrice born Qan Ashir, and his conquering Qatan Ashland. Let none pass their walls without proving their worth; let none join their ranks but those blooded and honored.

Part now the spear points to bring fort the worthy, _____________________ whose name rings with might. With spear and with swords on plains and in deserts, they’ve danced with the blade like legends of old. Let the iron spear of a Fyrd be their glory and placed in their saddle to bear ever more. Speak their names now not in whispers, but shout it on high over the field of the slain.

Done in iron and forged in the fire on the __ day of ______________, in the year of the _____________.

Ashir                                                                      Ashland

Qan                                                                        Qatan


Iren Fyrd (English)

The story of a Kingdom is written in iron and ash wood. At Hastings the spear proved its glory even in defeat; at Bannockburn the pike was used to deadly effect. In Calontir has Ashir, Strawberry King, stood with the spearmen to fight off the foe. As Ashland, iron blooded Queen, has seen the righteous prowess of her soldiers on the field.

_____________________ has stood with happy few time and time again to defend King and Queen and Calontir. As their spine is sturdy as ash wood, their soul is strong as iron, let them be given a symbol worthy of their prowess. Let them be named to the Order of the Iren Fyrd, the spears of the Kingdom, the symbol of which to bear ever more.

Done under the law and the Royal Sign Manual this ___ day of _______________, Anno Societatis ___.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen


Boga Fyrd (Mongol)

The iron arrows of the Falcon Ordu fall like rain from the clear blue sky. They blot out the sun and bring forth the shadows for all who oppose the righteous and strong. They bring death to the foemen of the thrice crowned Qan, and drive out the shadows who stand against the conquering Qatan.

Ceaseless have bowstrings thrummed for the people, none as ceaseless as the bowstring of one. _____________ has gloried in the flight of the arrows, and their name has become known to their kinsman and tribe. Grant them now glory equal to the honor they have shown for all upon the field of war. Let them be named among the sworn Boga Fyrd, that all may know of their deadly skill.

For all time done beneath the blue sky on the __ day of _______________, in the year of the _________________.

Ashir                      Ashland

Qan                        Qatan


Boga Fyrd (English)

The song of the bowstring leads the dance of war. It was sung at Agincourt, and the French knights danced to their death; it was sung at Crecy, and all who heard it fled. It has been sung by the virtuous Rex Ashir, Strawberry leaved King of Calontir. It has been sung to great renown by Ashland, golden haired and fierce Regina, whose skill with such is known by all.

Let _________________________ come now, whose choruses have brought death to foemen in legendary battle. Let them be given new strings and fletching, and be inducted in to the Order of the Boga Fyrd. For they have marched to war for the Cross Calatrava, let them now bear it in honor beside two strung bows.

As written in ages past let it be written now and sealed by the Crown on the __ day of ________________, in the __ year of the Society.

Ashir                      Ashland

Rex                        Regina


Stile Fyrd (Mongol)

The bow and spear of the Ordu strike fear in to the heart of the foemen. But when the horse is gone and the arrows are spent, the warriors of the Falcon turn to the sword to sow death on the field. Great are the victories by sword of Ashir, thrice crowned Qan. Great is the renown of the Qatan, Ashland, brought from the field by sword and shield.

Among the great warriors who dance with steel and the rain of blood are ______________________________. Long has their steel rung like a song, and their courage brought glory to the Ordu. Long have they earned the honor they are now given, born in to the ranks of the swordsman and the Stile Fyrd. May their honor be kept as their blades: Ever pure, never rusted.

Sealed in the steel with which they have fought and the iron that girds their soul on the __ day of ________________________, in the year of the ______________________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


Stile Fyrd (English)

To all by whom these present letters come know We, Ashir and Ashland, by right of arms and grace and favor King and Queen of Calontir, send greetings. It is right and proper that virtuous nobles of good courage by rewarded for their merits and good renown, and be set in a place of honor with others their equal in skill.

Having been tested in sword, dagger, cape, and buckler, ___________________ is knowledgeable in the subtle mysteries of defense. We do therefore prefer and create them a member of Our Order of the Stile Fyrd, and grant them license to further educate themselves with diverse weapons as befits their honor.

In witness thereof We affix our Royal Sign Manual this __ day of ____________, Anno Societatis ___________________, in our ____(GROUP)______.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen

(Based on ‘Grant of a crest to Thomas Cathorne of Pembrokeshire, 1553’, Cynthia’s Revels by Ben Johnson (1600), and period prize announcements of the London Company of Masters)



Eo Fyrd (Mongol)

Come now the riders, their banners unfurled, to herald the coming of the Qan, Ashir. Bedecked in honor with a sword of gold, he forces the foemen to kneel in his wake. Ashland the righteous, Qatan born of glory, heralds their coming with a fierce iron rain.

______________________ has ridden with the Ordu to battle, their prowess and steed such that no man may doubt. With the Qan of the Falcon they have brought flame and thunder, with the brilliant Qatan have they hewed victory in war. Let them be named to the riders of honor, named Eo Fyrd for all to behold. In silk and in gold clad now their raiments, that all may know what the Ordu does now.

Signed in the sight of the well bloodied riders on the ___ day of __________________, in the year of the ____________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


Eo Fyrd (English)

Ashir, by right of arms King, and Ashland, by grace and worth Queen, to all to whom these presents may come, Greeting. Be it known that We have given and granted in ancient times noble title to those of skill in the diverse arts of horsemanship and who have ridden in all parts and counties of the East and West, of the North and South, in these lands of Calontir.

In accord with such custom do We by these presents give and grant to ____________________ the rights and title of a member of the Order of the Eo Fyrd. They have ridden under our banners and ensigns and proven themselves singularly capable in their arts, and given good assistance to Our forces upon the field of war. Let them bear forevermore and for all time the emblems of the Order, and conduct themselves accordingly.

In witness whereof we have caused these letters to be made at the ___(GROUP)______________, on the __ day of ________________, in the ____ year of the Society.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen

(Based on ‘The Letters Patent of King Henry the Seventh granted unto Iohn Cabot and his Three Sonnes, Lewis, Sebastian, and Sancius for the Discouerie of New and Unknowen lands’, 3 February 1498. Available at


Golden Swan (Mongol)

Thus has been heard in the lands of the Ordu: Those with virtuous intent and pure mind adorn themselves well in clean garments. Those who provide for the veneration of the people and the proper forms shall have the store of their merit grow into a limitless, incalculable, inconceivable mass. Those who create the well-perfumed clothes and other fine things, possessing a mind firm with love, shall be honored.

Ashir, upright Qan, knows one who is worthy. Ashland, Qatan of the sublime golden light, knows well their works. Together they honor _____________________, whose work shines like the wisdom of the Altun Yaruq. They are named to the Order of the Golden Calon Swan for the beauty they have spread to the Ordu.

Done in wisdom and sealed in justice on the __ day of __________________, in the year of the _________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashand

Qan                                        Qatan

(Text based on the Golden Light Sutra, known in Old Uygur as the Altun Yaruq, an influential Buddhist sutra well known in China throughout the Mongol period. Translation available at


Golden Swan (English)

Gloried are those who make the Kingdom beautiful in its time; honored are those whose skills are given to the works of the Crown. For those who give of their skill freely are more precious than rubies to the strawberry leaved King Ashir, and more valued than riches and honors to his artisan Queen Ashland.

__________________ has filled the Kingdom with gilding, silver, paint, thread, silk, and all the things of beauty and renown. As they have thrown gold around them let them now be clad, inducted in to the Order of the Golden Calon Swan. As they have made beauty so they are beautiful in the eyes of the Crown and the Kingdom they love.

Limned in honor and sealed in righteousness on the __ day of ______________, Anno Societatis __, under the royal sign manual.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen

(Introduction based on Ecclesiastes 3:11, Proverbs 3:15-18)


Leather Mallet (Mongol)

The wisdom of the Ordu knows that the Qan, Ashir the thrice crowned, is nothing without a saddle and stout stirrups. The wisdom of the Ordu knows that the Qatan, Ashland, is nothing without her bowstring and quiver. The all seeing sky knows that a people may not spread across the face of the world without science, steel and leather as vital as fire to those who would spread the flight of the Falcon.

_________________ is vital to the Ordu for their work in iron, leather, wood, fire, and the spreading of knowledge to the people. To their saddle tie a Leather Mallet that they may continue their work in the lands of the Qan; tie it well so they may use it in lands yet to bow to the brilliant Qatan.

Etched in immortal bronze and sealed in to the law this __ day of _____________________, in the year of the ___________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


Leather Mallet (English)

Ashir, by grace King of Calontir, and Ashland, Queen, send greetings to all by whom these letters come. Knowing of the especial grace and certaine science of the nobility of the Kingdom, did Our ancestors establish the Order of the Leather Mallet to reward those whose skill advanced and knowledge increased.

Therefore by these presents do we prefer and create ___________________, subject of Our realm, a member of said Order. Among the chemists, chriurgeons, blacksmiths, jewelers, and weavers, and other practitioners of the diverse sciences, let them now take precedence in accordance with their rank; and let them bear the badge of the Order as a sign of their knowledge and favor.

Sealed by Our hands under the law of the Kingdom, and witnessed on this __ day of ____________, Anno Societatis __.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen

(Based on ‘Letters Patent to Sir Humfrey Gylberte, June 11, 1578’. I chose this one because Elizabeth actually wrote ‘Know ye that of our especiall grace, certaine science and meere motion’, emphasis added).


Torse (Mongol)

As one the Ordu strike the drums of war. As one the Ordu sing the songs of battle. As one the Ordu labor for the blessing of the great blue sky, all in their place beneath the sun. Ashir, thrice crowned Qan, knows well the labor of the people. Ashland, golden Qatan of legend, knows well the value of toil. Together they reward those whose work does honor to the Ordu with gold and noble title.

___________________________ has worked beneath sun and sky, in sweat and blood furthering the falcon’s flight. All have seen the hours of their toil; all have beheld the result of their exertions. All demand and the Qan and Qatan proclaim a Torse be set among their blankets and banners, their worth to the heavens proclaiming.

Done in the name of the law, done in the name of the throne, done in the name of the all-seeing sky this __ day of __________________, in the year of the ________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


Torse (English)

Of all the things valued by Ashir, strawberry leaved King of Calontir, service is valued the most. Of all the things honored by Ashland, most excellent Queen of the Falcon, service is honored above all. Nothing of the dance and pageantry of the Kingdom exists without those who work for its glory.

There is one who has worked long hours so that the Kingdom can grow. The King will not forget works done for His people; the Queen will reward those who continue to serve the Kingdom. As such ______________________ is named to the Order of the Torse, and set in their ranks for the honor they have shown.

Written in the pages of the history of the Kingdom on the __ day of ____________________, in the ___ year of the Society.

Ashir                                      Ashland

King                                       Queen


Purple Jess

Service is the soul of the Falcon, without which none in the Ordu may thrive. Service begins not with perfect knowledge of all things, but in the enthusiasm of youth and desire to help. Ashir, strawberry leaved Qan, has seen the works of the people. Ashland, the soul of service, knows well the toil of the children of Her lands.

____________________________ has worked beneath the sight of the blue sky and the beating sun, their sweat given to the good of the people. Let them be brought before the riders of the Ordu and their name cheered; let them be given the insignia of the Purple Jess, and their name recorded for all time.

Sealed in the sight of the sky and done this ___ day of ______________, in the year of the _________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


Falcon’s Claw

Warriors of the Ordu are raised from the children of the Falcon, forged like the steel of the sword and spear point. They are trained by the seasoned to become seasoned themselves, through years and practice to greatness in the sight of the blue sky above.

One such young warrior is _____________________, who has been called to battle at a tender age and seeks to defend the lands of the Ordu. The Qan, Ashir the thrice crowned, knows their valor despite their youth; the Qatan, Ashland the swift arrow, has seen their skill and enthusiasm. Together they name them to the Falcon’s Claw, the youngest riders of the Ordu, that all may know of their promise.

Done before the elders who have trained them and armed them for war on the ___ day of _____________________, in the year of the _______________________________.

Ashir                                      Ashland

Qan                                        Qatan


Purple Feather

Artists make the Ordu great, the Falcon gilded in silver and limned in gold. No people work with silver and iron like the people of the Qan, Ashir; none work in silk and leather like the people of the Qatan, Ashland. And no artisan begins a master, but they are trained from a young age in their arts and their science.

_______________________________ is an artist and a scientist of the Falcon, new in skill but growing in knowledge. They have brought honor to themselves and to the Ordu, and earned reward for their work. Let them be named to the Purple Feather, the growing craftsman of renown.

Done for their art, their science, and their skill on the ___ day of __________________________, in the year of the ____________________________.

Ashir                                                      Ashland

Qan                                                        Qatan


Queen’s Chalice

No balm is more soothing to the joyous Qatan Ashland than the laughter of children. No cause is more righteous than their learning and training. And none are more blessed in the sight of Her eyes than those children of the Ordu who show themselves true.

___________________ is a child of the Falcon, and blessed by the sight of the blue sky above. In justice and glory, for their works and their future, does Ashland to their hand a chalice now give. Let the Ordu rejoice that those such as these are the future of the Falcon, a future secure.

Given in sight of the Order by the hand of the Qatan this ___ day of ____________________, in the year of the _______________________.




Lily for Zoe Mikre

Oh that I might capture the essence of beautiful things;

Nightingale song, silken thread, or the deep midwinter night,

With but half the brilliance of the shining pearl Zoe.


Then let the gilded one be gilded more, and Lily bloomed;

Fold the brilliant petals softly in her finest silks,

To glow half as bright as her talent, half as warm as her smile.


Ashir                                      Ashland

Taewang                              Wangbi

(Text is in the ‘Sijo’ style of Korean poetry, which are poems of three lines averaging 14-16 syllables each. The wording is based on a Sijo by Hwang Jin-I, 1522-1565, a famous Korean poet and kisaeng—female entertainer. Taewang means ‘King of Kings’ and is a cognate to Khagan or the Chinese ‘Haungdi’ [Emperor]. Wangbi is Queen.)


Queen’s (Qatan’s) Endorsements of Distinctions

Chivalric Behavior:

Hear now oh Heartland, the words of the Qatan—Ashland the fair haired, fierce ruler and wise. With thunderous hooves she has ridden to warfronts, ruled with justice, and forged peace ties beside. Dear to her heart are those who have shown the honor due to a worthwhile foe. Honor so given is honor returned, from the glorious mother of the great Falcon lands.

_____________ is endorsed with Qatan’s distinction, for their honorable deeds done in Ordu’s name. Let the now horde bedeck them with gems and with glory, though no gold can match the honor they’ve shown.




Gentle and Courteous Behavior

The great golden Horde of the Falcon knows warfare, the battle and siege and dark churning mud. But also the glory of silk and of speaking, the sword kept in sheath for kind words instead. Ashland the Qatan, brilliant and righteous, holds those who know this close to her heart. For the Ordu can grow not only at sword point, but in reflection of those who shine like the sun.

____________ is endorsed with Qatan’s distinction, their words and their deeds strong as their steel. Let the horde now bedeck them with gems and with glory, earned by the way they’ve inspired the sky.




Ideals of the Society:

The heroes of ancients live on in our stories, their names to ring out on the steppes for all time. They stand as ideals for those who would follow, their striding and legends as tall as the sky. Ashland the Qatan, the golden haired glory, stands with those legends in word and in deed; the joy of our Ordu knows well the effort it takes to inspire the lands that she loves.

And so the Qatan does endorse with distinction the works of her subject, _________________. With every word and deed they have taken, they have furthered the ideals that the horde holds most dear. Let their people bedeck them with gems and with glory, their names to ring out on the steppes for all time.




Duchy for Ashland

Hear now, O children of the eternal blue sky and Dalai Ege! Hear the thunder of drums that have rocked the plains, and the hoof beats of riders that outnumber the stars. See the passage of the lineage of heroes, the kin of the Falcon stretching forward and back. One stands at the forefront of this fabled line, Ashland the Golden, the twice called Qatan. White boned noble, just in her ruling, respected by kin and foemen alike. She steps in a noble manner, and has the marks of 60 tigers; she is the dragon who growls in the blue clouds.

In war like the ancients, like Jangar at Goljing, she has ridden forth into battle and blood. The fields of the southlands her armies have conquered, standing before all who would come forth to battle. Sanctified by flame, grown in honor, and finally proclaimed a hero for all. In peace time she has ruled with honor and mercy, the people proclaiming her Ashland Sechen. Confirm to her now privilege and honor does Xerxis the Qan confirm for all time; and to her now the rewards of her station, does BelAnna Qatan joyously grant. Ashland Sechen, wisest of rulers, is now named a Gonji to remember her name.

To fierce riding warrior, bristling with arrows, are granted lands and pastures to keep. In plains and by rivers her fields will follow, her herds there to be ready for war. Four steeds she is granted, for her and her children, of noblest stock from the highest of herds. Zi Yue, Zhen Qi, Yun Bao, and Pi Qi shall be saddled and tacked at the cost of the Qan.

Within these lands shall there be an orchard, of pear trees and others to taste carving knife. A palatial estate as due to her honor shall be set beside it, as is properly done. Gold and silver, silk and linen, let there be brought for her artisans craft; a tax from the traders who seek her land’s gifts. And let her be given new felt to work on, to pass to her daughter as it was given to her.

Sealed in the red ink of law and commended to the will of heaven, that it may be remembered forever among the righteous and brave, this __ day of the <MONGOL MONTH> in the <MONGOL YEAR>.

Xerxis                                    BelAnna
Qan                                        Qatan


(Dalai Ege means ‘the Mother Sea’ and was used similarly to how we use ‘Mother Earth’. White boned meant a noble, specifically a descendant of Genghis Khan. The reference to the marks of 60 tigers is taken from a Mongol epic poem, noting the worth of a daughter of the Khan. The dragon growling in the blue sky is similarly a description from the Secret History of the Mongols. Sechen means ‘the wise’, and is used in the name of the famous Mandukhai Sechen Khatun of the Northern Yuan Dynasty. Jangar at Goljing is a line about a warrior hero from Mongol literature, not dissimilar to a Gilgamesh figure. Zi Yue, Zhen Qi, Yun Bao, and Pi Qi are horses named after my little Pony using the Chinese names. The reference to passing a felt to her daughter references a Mongol practice of mothers giving their daughter-in-laws wool felt to start a new Ger which would then be used in that family, leaving a piece of themselves in it as they work).

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