Scroll Texts for Dongal and Catalina

It has been my practice to post the plain text English versions of scrolls I write for a reign after the reign is over. I do this primarily so that the people who receive them will get to see the texts for the first time when they hold it in their hands, even if they’ve heard it for the rest of the reign–the same as not posting the text for a GOA or Peerage scroll until it has been awarded.

With their Majesties permission, however, I am posting the texts I wrote for this reign (the second reign of Dongal and Catalina) at the beginning of the reign. This is being done because the texts have been transliterated into Arabic. This is wonderful and makes them fairly unique, but it also means that the recipient can’t read it; and while their Majesties are wise and are providing the translation with each scroll, we all know that things can happen and that the populace as a whole is likely curious as well.

Also a note on titles: Historically, Timur referred to himself as Amir–maintaining a largely theoretical fealty to his Khan. But Amir or Emir is largely ranked as a Princely title (see, e.g., the Emirates which make up the UAE, and that Emir is used as a title by the Princes of Saudi Arabia). Their Majesties are using the titles Shah and Maleika for the Timurid side of their reign, because these titles are both historically accurate and better representative of the roles of SCA Monarchs. I applaud their Majesties in striking the right note of historical accuracy and SCA custom.

Sources are listed after the texts in italics.

Award of Arms

The virtue of a noble is like a wine cup brimming over; a cup-bearer whose countenance shines like the sun. Dongal, virtuous sword, and Catalina, wise rose, seek those who throw branches upon the fire of the Kingdom that its light may shine for all. One such is <NAME>, whose presence makes life sweet and lays enjoyment at the feet of the Falcon. Let them be given to the nobles and thus recognized, awarded arms and called to glory.

On the ___ day of the month of ____________, in the ___ year of the Society, this was written and sealed.

Dongal                                   Catalina
Shah                                                       Maleika

(Based on ‘The Margin of a Stream’ by Hafiz, Sufi poet 1325-1389. Closing based on the Decree of Miran Sah, Timurid Prince, 1398)


Shah Dongal addresses the spirit of Calontir; Maleika Catalina addresses the heart of the Falcon. The juice does not become wine until it has aged in the cask. So to the spirit does not become worthy without time and toil, growing like copper turned into gold. So <NAME> has grown noble in bearing and deed. As they have tread the path of selflessness, are they now entered among the selfless, and given the Torse as a symbol to bear.

Let it be written forever, not lost to eternity, on the __ day of _______, in the 1,440th year of the Hijra.

Dongal                                   Catalina

Shah                                                      Maleika

(Based on ‘Be Lost in the Call’ by Rumi, a Persian poet who lived 1207-1273 and influenced literature in the rest of the Islamic world—including the Timurid dynasty.)

Leather Mallet

It is said by the wise that every craftsman searches for what is not there to practice his craft. The carpenter seeks the house without a door, the smith the scabbard with no sword. Dongal, wise amongst the wise, has seen those who fill the needs of His people. Catalina, artisan rose, has seen the cunning work done in the name of Her lands. _____________ has shown skill and knowledge, and the Leather Mallet have found they are lacking the presence of such a one. Thus it is done, a final need filled and a tribute of joy brought to the people.

In the lands of ____________, on the __ day of ______________, Anno Hegirae 1440, it was sealed under the great seal.

Dongal                                   Catalina
Shah                                                       Maleika

(Based on ‘Every Craftsman’ from the Masnavi by Rumi. Final line adapted from the Decree of Miran Sah, above.)

Golden Calon Swan

It is artistry to dispose of all things in perfect order. To rightly place the stroke of a brush, the dance of the pen, or the pitch of the voice. Dongal and Catalina, rightly appointed rulers of Calontir, treasure the beauty of their lands and ennoble those who add to it. Such an artisan is ____________, who has set the skies alight with beauty. They are like the Golden Calon Swan, renowned for its grace, and whose symbol shall adorn them forevermore.

Set in front of the royal Muhrdar with the Seal for Royal Permission on the ___ day of ___________ in the 1,440th year of the Hijra.

Dongal                                   Catalina
Shah                                                       Maleika

(Based on al-Nami 27:88, final line based on the Decree of Miran Sah. The ‘Muhrdar’ was the royal seal keeper.)

Stile Fyrd

No sword is like Zulfiqar, and no swordsman like he who wields it. It is said that when it was wielded the heavens themselves chanted in awe. So it is when ____________ strikes the foes of the Falcon, the people sing in praise. Dongal, called to battle, and Catalina, iron strong, speak now: The just leader shall be sheltered, and the warrior rewarded. Stand you now with the sword bearing guards of our Kingdom, the Stile Fyrd, and incline only to righteousness.

Sealed before heaven and all the lands of Calontir on the ___ day of _______________, in the ___ year of the Society.

Dongal                                   Catalina

Shah                                                       Maleika

(Based on the phrase ‘There is no man like Ali, and there is no sword like Zulfiqar’, attributed to Muhammad at the Battle of Uhud, 625 AD. Zulfiqar is a famous sword in the Islamic tradition given by Muhammad to his son-in-law Ali, which is used as a symbol of Islam; in the 16th century it was used on the banners of Ottoman Janissaries. The line ‘the just leader shall be sheltered’ refers to the Sahih Muslim, one of the six major Hadith in Sunni Islam; the line about inclining to righteousness references verse 11:113 of the Quran).

Iren Fyrd

Dongal, Amir born of war, has seen to the defense of His lands. Catalina, Amirah strong as stone, has seen the fields of war. When the enemies of the Falcon have set their cruel hearts on war, they have commanded as one: “We sent Our messengers of peace. Now we send our iron, whose violent force will keep these lands we are sworn to keep.” The iron of the Falcon are the Iren Fyrd, sharp and true. ________________ is one chosen to defend these lands, named to that host for their righteousness. Let all know their worth and honor, and remember their name.

On the ___ day of ______________, Anno Hegirae 1440, this was written under the law and sealed.

Dongal                                                   Catalina
Shah                                                                      Maleika

(Based on the Quran, 57:25. “And we sent down iron, in which is violent force, and benefits for humanity.” This represents the meteor which forms the Kabba, a sacred site in Islam, but worked well for the Iren Fyrd).

Eo Fyrd

At Ankara the Amir Timur captured a Sultan on horseback and blooded an Empire. At Damascus, the Army of Sharpeners crushed the enemies of Khalid from their saddles. On the fields of war the Shah and Maleika, Dongal and Catalina, have crushed the enemies of the Falcon beneath the thunder of hooves. For valor and skill they decree ______________ shall join their Jaish al-Zahf, the Eo Fyrd that guard the lands.

Decreed and written on the ___ day  of _________________, Anno Societatis ___, in the lands of ________________.

Dongal                                                   Catalina
Shah                                                                      Maleika

(Text references important cavalry battles of both the Timurid Empire and the Rashidun Army of early Islam. The Siege of Ankara was where Timur beat the Ottoman Empire and captured the Sultan. The Siege of Damascus was where the Army of Sharpeners, the elite Cavalry of the Rashidun Army, smashed the Byzantine defenders as part of their expansion. Jaish al-Zahf literally mean the Mobile Guard, and was another name for the Army of Sharpeners).

Boga Fyrd

On the backs of their steeds the archers of Amir Timur built an empire. Beneath the iron rain of arrows Chagatai expanded his father’s reach. With the unflinching aim of their warriors have Dongal and Catalina, by rights sovereign Shah and Maleika of the Falcon lands, guarded and grown. They have seen the precision of ________________, the arrows sunk in target and foeman alike. To the Boga Fyrd their name is added, and their fletching recorded in the histories of the Order for all time.

Written on the ____ day of ____________________, Anno Hegirae 1440, under the Seal for Royal Permission.

Dongal                                                   Catalina
Shah                                                                      Maleika

(This text references the Mongol origins of the Timurid Empire and Chagatai Khanate, from which they came. Final line references the same decree as above).

Falcon’s Claw

A warrior must learn many lessons. They must be like a sword, without trace of soft iron; like a steel mirror, scoured of rust and doubt. ______________ is a child of Calontir, and has taken the first steps along this path. Their steel grows strong, their worth begins to shine. They are inducted into the Falcon’s Claw in recognition of the promise they hold for the future of these lands.

Beneath the great seal done on the ___ day of ______________________, in 2019 by the common reckoning of years.

Dongal                                                   Catalina Shah                                                                      Maleika

(Text based on the Masnavi by Rumi, Story of the Chinese and Greek Artists. The year 2019 was used to be more recognizable to a child).

Purple Jess

Those who serve are beloved of Dongal, chosen by battle and transformed by service. Those who toil are beloved of Catalina, anointed for her work and spirit. They see the fledgling _________________, and say: “Beating your wings and feathers you have flown, rising up to the sky, and attained the work of the soul.” Now they name their loyal servant to the Purple Jess; not to cage their flight but to mark their passage for all to hear.

On the ___ day of __________________, in 2019 by the common reckoning this was done.

Dongal                                                   Catalina
Shah                                                                      Maleika

(Text based on ‘Gone to the Unseen’ by Rumi.)

Purple Feather

Delightful are the sciences to Dongal, Shah whose cunning work in leather is known well. Beloved are the arts to Catalina, Maleika whose mastery thereof is known to all. They adore the pipe and lute that charm the ears, the glowing fire that warms the body, and the slender dancing needle by which all are clad. They know well ___________________, who has begun to learn those things which are both needed and wanted, and so they are named to the Purple Feather in recognition of those growing skills.

Done under the Seal for Royal Permission on the ___ day of __________________, in the year 2019 by the common reckoning of years.

Dongal                                                   Catalina
Shah                                                                      Maleika

(Text based on ‘Remembered Music’ by Rumi).

Queen’s Chalice

It is light that makes color visible at night, illuminating all the glory of Calontir. It is the laughter of children that makes the soul of Calontir visible to all, the future of a people secure. Gentle Catalina, beloved Maleika, bestows her favor on those children of the Kingdom who bring such wonder to all. So she gives a Chalice and her favor to __________________, delight of Calontir, to hold in years to come.

Done by the Maleika’s hand and will on the ___ day of _____________________, in the year 2019.


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