Hrorek Ducal Text

(So this one is a little different from my normal texts. Rather than asking for a specific time or place, Duke Hrorek wanted a scroll “like Loki writing Darth Vader’s ducal scroll.” So with the goal of writing a text that was the embodiment of an Iron Maiden album cover, I wrote the following.)

CALL the fury of the Outlands to battle! The crack of lightning, the boom of thunder, the roar of fire besides. A son of the stag commands you to ride, the furies of nature the King’s right to call. The song of steel answers to Iohann, the strength of the plains with Martine beside.

Son of the stag, blood drenched battle strider, Hrorek the Wolf’s Son is called to his King. Twice has he led the Green host to battle, death riding swift in the saddle beside. Twice has he torched the lands of the sun, the warriors he found there put to the sword. But two times also has he meted out justice, word famed wisdom given in peace.

In the halls of the golden let all now proclaim the worth of the Wolf’s Son who stands first among them. The Scorpion’s beloved, venerable spear kin, royal gold on his arm and his brow and his heart. The helm of a Jarl, the spear of an Ealdorman, no longer reflect his standing with Us. Instead let us gird him with sword and with scepter, the signs of a scion of the most-noble line. Axe bearers guard him, announce now his word fame, proclaim to all the favor his valor has won. Most of all now We give him the title of Duke for his keeping, the Strawberry leaves of honor to bear ever more.

Call the people of the Outlands to witness the birth of a Duke, the Wolf’s son’s ascendance. Let fire and fury be called down around him, burning those who deny now his rights. So we have scribed in the walls of our mead halls, etched in the bones of the foemen he’s slain. Written in glory and limned in honor, on the 4th of May AS 54

Iohann                                Martine
King                                     Queen

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