“Historical” Scroll Texts and Poems

The following scroll texts and poems are older ones which I had previously kept on Facebook. But the advice ‘don’t build your sandcastle on someone else’s beach’ is good advice, and so I decided to repost them here.

This is also a good opportunity to look at some of my older texts, and it is a fascinating look at my growth as a scroll text writer. The oldest two texts are the Swan and Torse for Ostwald and Kaye, and they show someone who is still most comfortable working in a simpler style. While there is nothing wrong with writ styles, it is definitely something that I was relying on because of familiarity and ease.

As the texts go on, you can see that I get more comfortable both with bringing distinct period elements and a bolder style. With Dov’s scrolls I worked with explicitly biblical sources for the first time (which would carry on to writing his Laurel scroll); with Marie du Puy’s I used the Quran. And for Hugh du Puy’s I got to have fun using Anglo-Norman legal language, a good use of my time while I was in Law School.

Vittoria dei Rossi’s Lily was the first time I ever wrote a poem for a scroll text. And Damien’s County was both the first peerage scroll of any kind and specifically the first royal peerage scroll I had the privilege to write.

The two poems toward the end are very special. The Khan of the Falcon is the poem I wrote for then Prince Ashir, which he used for his processional for each of his three reigns. The Spear of the Summer is the praise poem that I wrote for my friend Sir Felix, and served as the processional for his induction in to the Order of Chivalry.

The final scroll text is the newest text of any in this list, but for the oldest award. Syr Deotrich had never received his knighting scroll and had since moved to the Outlands, and as Gold Falcon I helped facilitate its creation. I wrote the text, the Queen who had given it signed it, and the then current Crown of Calontir signed it as well (Count Logan had been there to personally witness it, as he said). It was delivered in the Outlands at a Newcomer’s Event. In it you can see the evolution of the scrolls I wrote for Hildibrandr and Felix, culminating in a very Anglo-Saxon praise poem I am very proud of.

Hildibrandr Silver Hammer

Hark hear the hammer, heavy haft hanging,
Iron-forged head hewing heat into shape.
High flamed forge bellowing brightly,
Testing the mettle of men and of steel.

Highest of heroes, tallest of tinkers,
Hildibrandr’s heart holds honor most dear.
Hear now a word-hoard of he who wrestles
Snake’s lair to beauty, wood-bane to worth.

Great feeder of ravens, blood born of battle,
Huscarl’s axe held high in the Heartland.
Not fearful of foemen nor failing nor fire,
His might made with metal whose worth he well knows.

Gold rings was he given by Jarls for spear-din,
Blood bought baubles for battle’s reward.
But what should be given for the work of forges,
Ring-breakers ask for their honor demands.

Skalds sing of strands of shining Sif’s hair,
That he has set upon the circlets of Kings and their Queens.
So a Hammer of Silver, fine as the elf-work,
Is brought forth and laid at his forge-side this day.

Called out by Xerxes, bright lord of battle,
Echoes BelAnna, bringer of beauty.
This day it is done, the 19th of September,
Sealed in summer, set forth in stone.

Marie Chantal Delaire’s Herald Extraordinary Text

Summer is the rose of the calendar, as Vatavia is the rose of Calontir. The blush of that rose is service, like that given by Marie Chantal Delaire. Who can detail the good she has brought to these lands through her work? She provided them with wisdom and art. Konstantia Gold Falcon asks what can be more worthy? To her we owe the symbols of their armor and the profession of their arms. So on this day is she made a Herald Extraordinary of Calontir, by all right and true forms. Done this ___ day of August, 2014, within those lands that burn that she has so served.

(Based very, very loosely on Christine de Pizan, specifically the line ‘Symbols of their armor and profession of their arms’).

Damien’s County 

Flame and sword are the rewards of the foeman, swift steel sent by stalwart soldiers.  Bright mail blinding the eyes of the evil, a King rides forth to quench his blade.  Came one such man, Damien MacGavin, highland heart in chivalry’s breast.  Armies marched to the East, Calon crusader brought honor’s scourge to the debatable lands.  But war is but one burden of the birthright of Kings, and in justice was the King called to command.  So he did in times of trouble and turmoil bring forth wisdom and word, tying turbulent times and the people he loved.  So came a King, Martino the swift sword and fourth of that noble name, and a Queen, Ariel of wisdom and might, who stood strong before their people and proclaimed proudly that all might hear:

THEREFORE We in accord with ancient custom and the sovereign right of the Crown affirm, award, and assign all lands, appurtenances, and titles appropriate to the rank of Count to Damien MacGavin.  These lands being the just reward of just kingship we do grant unto him for all time in the ancient custom, and render unto him all rights, privileges, and rewards from lands in personam et uxoris.  These rights shall include but be not limited to: a tithe of profits from the harvest; a stipend to provide for the maintenance of all bridges and public thoroughfares being within his control as well as the maintenance of all navigable waters; sole right to chase and capture deer in his woods; and the use of the ancient rule of capture for pursuing lost or abandoned chattel or those profit a pendre from adjoining familial lands including but not limited to wild boar and their ilk, save that per marital accord waterfowl shall be spared.  These rights shall be held free from mortgage, laches, estoppel and escheat, allodial, for all time ad coelom et ad infernus.

Thereby did the King in wisdom and the Queen in justice set their signs manual this __th day of ________, in the year of our Society 48.

Martino               Ariel

King                      Queen

(Then Count Damien wanted a county scroll that balanced bragging and formal legal-ese style grant of rights. This was the first Royal Peerage scroll I ever wrote, and the first of any kind of peerage scroll I wrote).

Vittoria dei Rossi – Lily

The words of life flow from the artist’s quill.
The truth divine revealed in scribal word.
Through all the royal courts have nobles heard,
Satisfaction brought to highest honor’s bill.
Peers made by royal voice in banquets still,
Awarded scrolls well made, no smallest letter blurred.
Such deft work calls for honors not deferred,
For one whose brilliant script the soul has thrilled.
To Our subject whose words so neatly knit,
Praise is due and harsh words are forbade.
So now the Calon Crown sends forth its writ,
That Vittoria dei Rossi is a Lilly made.
Let all the realm her new rank now transmit;
The glory of her work shall never fade.

(Scroll text in the form of a Petrarchan Sonnet)

Marie du Puy Court Barony Scroll Text

O Calontir!  Reverence your lords and ladies, who guide you in justice and in the dark times.  For they are the servants of the rightful King, who watches over all.  For they are the hands of the Queen of Beauty, full of knowledge and wisdom.

All creation, from the heavens raised without pillars, to the sun and moon are subject to law; and each runs its course for a term appointed.  As the sun and moon are praised for their constancy, so do we praise those who give the term of service for their lord in faith and righteousness.

These are the words of the King, that which hath been given unto ye from the Falcon.  Let be exalted above all she who has to orphans restored their property.  Let be admired above all she who has spoken of kindness and justice.  And so we inscribe in our Book a name which dances on the ocean waves: The rightly guided Marie du Puy, beloved of the seahorse and her people, known by many names and ranks.

These are the words of the Queen, that which hath been brought forth from the Falcon.  To her of noble names we add one more: Baroness.  Raise her, and gild her brow in silver and pearls.  Silver to shine like the moon for her constant service, and pearls from Our sea that she so loves.

By a decree recorded, on a scroll unfolded, by the Mount and the Ocean filled with swell, by Our hand royal on the 15th day of Shaban, in the year 1432 Anno Hegirae.

Sultan Anton Khan                                                                        Isabeau Sultana

(Text based on the Qu’ran)

Hugh du Puy Court Barony Scroll Text 

Before all councils let this motion come.  Soit baille aux Calontir!  Let it be brought before Calontir, for it comes from the hand of Anton le Faucon, Roi de la Terre du Coeur.  Let it be brought before Calontir, for it comes from the heart of Isabeau la Belle, Reine.

To the servants of the Crown all praise is due, those who hold the fields, the forests, and the warm places.  Greater praise is due to those who hold our war-taken holdings and far flung fortresses.

In the years of Our fathers the northlands cried out for a leader to guide them in the night.  Our mothers knew that the frozen fields of the Boar realms needed a leader, and sought out a man to guide them in light.

For Justice and Wisdom, in Honor and Glory went his most faithful lordship, good Hugh de Puy.  In the dark of the night, he was the torch of his people; he was their cloak against the bite of the cold.

Now word has come to our own great council.  Archers and soldiers, woodsman afield, beg us to make permanent the rank he holds.

Le Roi et la Reine remercie ses bons sujets, accepte leur benevolence et ainsi le vault.  The King and Queen thank their good subjects, accept their bounties, and will it so.

Therefore as We decree that Hugh du Puy is an asset to our Kingdom, we raise him to the rank of Court Baron.  Let his brow be gilded in silver and anointed with pearls, and the realm rise to his honor.

Anton                                  Isabeau

Roi                                       Reine

(Based on Anglo-Norman legal language, with specific additions requested by HE Hugh when he spoke to the Royal Scribe. 

Definitions: Soit baille aux Calontir:  Let it be sent to Calontir. Le Roi et la Reine remercie ses bons sujets, accepte leur benevolenceet ainsi le vault.  The King and Queen thank their good subjects, accept their bounties, and will it so. Both phrases are Anglo-Norman legal phrases still used in the House of commons today)

Sir Wulfric Court Barony Text

Feel the ground shake and hear the words of the Falcon Qan, Ashir, carried forth from the north to the south; they speak in the flames that lick the Lands that Burn.

Hear the forests echo and see the willows bow, for the wise Qatan, Maerwynn, sends forth her speakings true; they are the smoke that writes upon the sky.

Throughout Our lands have We exalted warriors, for their glory on the field.  Let Us not delay Our hands in praising Stewards, for the wars of men at home are fiercer still.

One such steward We call forth today.  In past praised for his strength of arms, we call him now to praise the patience of his heart. Wulfric Tyrell, faithful knight and servant, present you to the Crown.

Long years ago did our ancestors grant you the Lands that Burn to hold and guide.  Long years have you dealt with this fierce folk.  Our forefathers knew it hard to earn their deep respect, these fiery folk the Falcon’s oldest brood.

But through all struggles have you remained their fierce protector, the wolf guarding their doors in the cold of night.  When they had need, yours was theirs to have; when they had bounty, you asked nothing in return.  As you have done them justice in sacrifice, so itis just we reward you with honor.

So we call out to the Sky and Earth this day!  By Our command let silver grace your brow.  By Our will let honor follow you like a faithful hound!  By Our deed we make you a Baron of our Court. We do this here, in the lands you’ve guarded well, on the 28th day of the Month of the ________.  Let all the ages know your name and deeds, for We have willed it by Our mighty hands.

Ashir                     Maerwynn

Qan                       Qatan

Dov Huscarl Text

(Scroll text based on 1 Chronicles 12:8, and Proverbs 16)

Read the words of the Book of the Falcon, wherein it says: In those days ruled a just King whose throne was established by righteousness, whom men named Hirsch; and his rose was Magdalena, wise Queen.

Unto their armies Hirsch proclaimed “Oh men of valor, there is one among you whose face is like the face of a lion.”  Unto their men did Magdalena proclaim: “Oh men trained for war, there is one among you as swift as the roe upon the mountains.”  And unto their soldiers did they name this man David ben Benjamin.

They brought forth that man, and spoke the Queen “Gird thy axe in glory, O son of Benjamin; for you have shed the blood of war with our captains and horsemen in our name.”  The King brought forth the medallion of the Iren Hirth and spoke “And in Our name do we make you now Our man.  Let the trumpets proclaim your rank through all the land, as your deeds have proclaimed your worth.”

And it is said that it was done on the 27th of Tishrei, in the year 5773, by the hands of

Hirsch                                                                                                                  Magdalena

Melech                                                                                                                 Malchah

Dov Silver Hammer Text

Behold our beloved, the servant of our Kingdom.  His mind is like the bells on the hills, that echo cross the lands with their clarity.

We charge you, O ye Daughters of Calontir, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, to gaze upon his works with fondness; for they are beloved as the apple tree among the trees of wood.

We charge you, O ye Sons of the swift Falcon, heed his teachings, wise as the masters’, for they are as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.

Go ye forth, O children of the Golden Cross, and proclaim his name by the rivers and streams; for he is as a Hammer of Silver, his use matched only by his worth.

Go ye forth, O our most blessed kin, and spread words through the land like the whispers in the plains.  That on the 13th of Kislev, 5771, we did make it so.

Ashir                                    Maerwynn

Melech                                 Malchah

(Based on the Song of Songs. I don’t have the full final version, but this scroll illustrated why you have multiple people check texts: I forgot to actually put Dov’s name on the original draft! Because sometimes, all artists are morons and miss things. The scroll ended up being transliterated into Hebrew and read in Hebrew by Ailith).

Ostwald and Kaye Fyrd Text

Oswald, by right and strength King and Sovereign, and Kaye by grace Queen, to Our governors, barons, members of the council of our empire, and to all the subjects of our lands, greetings.

Blessed are they who, in honor of Our name, take up arms.  Through their labors, expenditures, and indescribable perils, they have augmented and preserved the safety of Our realm.  Through their valor, they have persecuted Our enemies, and banished them from Our lands.

One such warrior is _______, mighty of sword and in true heart faithful.  Having learned of their valor We, by sword and grace, elevate them to the rank of Fyrdman.

As a witness to this, and for all these things to be firm and forever established, We have put our seal on this document and have signed by Our hands on the ___ of _____ Anno Societatis.

Oswald     Kaye

King             Queen

Ostwald and Kaye Torse Text

Arise, o Calontir, and hear the glorious voice of your sovereigns. Listen to our words command Oswald and Kaye, King and Queen, for there is one among our number committed to the care, the administration, and the just rule of our realm.

Rise, NAME, for you have fulfilled the duties entrusted to you by your Crown.  You have given heed to the words of the wise, and consecrated these lands with your sacrifice.

With the advice of our venerable counselors, with mature deliberation on each point, and by the authority of the realm We hold in sacred trust, We approve and create you as a member of the Order of The Torse.  Let these words be carried without any further citation our delay,

By our hands this ___ of __________, Anno Societatis XLVI,

Oswald                                  Kaye

King                                      Queen

Ostwald and Kaye Torse Text

In order to reward art in the ancient Kingdom of the Calontiri and amongst the Baronies, Shires, and Cantons, Our ancestors set forth an award called the Golden Calon Swan.  Bearers are entitled to the rights and privileges of Arms, to be shown in peace in their lands.

One such artisan of merit is ________, whose works have been shown inOur abbeys, monasteries, and Imperial estates.  We therefore elevate their name to Our order.

As a witness to this, and for all these things to be firm and forever established, we have put our seal on this document and have signed by Our hand.

Given in our holding of _________ on the ____ day of ____, Anno Societatis ___.

Oswald              Kaye

King                    Queen

(I believe this is the first scroll text I ever wrote; and if it isn’t, then the Torse I wrote for Ostwald and Kaye was. I didn’t include the research with the texts at this point, although I believe this was based on the Peace of Augsburg – loosely).

Agamemnon and Gwen Fyrd Text

Sing, O Muse, of the strength of Calontir!  It has laid low the enemies of the Falcon, and has brought ruin to the foes of the heartland.  In the name of its King, Agamemnon, it has sent souls hurrying to Hades.  In the name of its Queen, Gwen, it has brought peace to the green lands.

Such strength lies in the breast of ____________, whose spear shines like the sun in the summer.  Let them be named among the lion-hearted, the spear-famed Fyrdman of Calontir.  Like Achilles they stand before the walls of the foe, the wine-colored sea breaking behind.

So say we, by word and acclaim, in the agora of our _________________, in the sight of the people and the heavens this __ day of ______, Anno Societatis XLIX.

Agamemnon      Gwen

Khan of the Falcon

Hear now the hoofbeats that roll down the mountains,
Crossing the flatlands like thunder on high.
They herald the coming of the Khan from the steppes;
They announce to his foemen that their doom is nigh.

Mother earth shakes like a babe in a blanket,
Trembles from force of the army that rides.
The cloud of war like a shroud follows closely.
Grim shadow of death walks closely beside.

The khan from the Mountain, Ashir of the Falcon,
Beckons to all that follow close by.
“Before us is conquest, our birthright and lifeblood,
Ranging in steel until once more we die.”

With battle before them their hearts sing aloud.
Their swords hunger for blood, their bows long for war.
Foemen may number like stars in the sky,
But even the stars to the Khan bow before.

And so thunders forth the horde of the Falcon,
Bound to the Khan under all-seeing sky.
The dust of their charge a flag of their honor,
Ranging in steel until once more they die.

(This poem was written for the first reign of Bataciqan-nu ko’un Ashir, and was read as his processional for each of his three reigns)

Spear of the Summer

Thus Felix spoke,
Long locked longstrider,
Glaive bearing guardsman.
His word-hoard he offered, to right royal rulers,
Who summoned him swiftly to the service of sword.

Born in to battle, I was with Bela,
Bright blade bared, brought forth for slaying.
Given a ring, from ring giver’s finger,
In the deserts of Aten, whom we put to the sword.

The blood of the stag, I bore in to battle,
My might with Mordygan, sun-kin sundered with sword.
On the backs of the broken, brought up in glory,
Word-fame won, a warrior’s right.

Brought forth once more, Bela born to battle,
In his hall held I, as iron hearted theign.
Great warriors girding the glaive, grim for war,
First of the spears, first of the battle,
Foemen take flight like the falling of rain.

Now called to knighthood,
Kneeling in northlands.
Honor above all offered in halls.
Graciously comes the Spear of the Summer,
Summoned swiftly to the service of sword.

(This poem was written for Sir Felix Sniumi, and was the processional for his knighting. It draws primarily on Anglo-Saxon praise poems in terms of language and word use.)

Sir Deotrich Knighting Scroll

In Heartland held, in halls of the highest,
Great men are called to ring-breaker’s seat
Scop-songs are sung of their virtue and honor,
Their brows and arms gold-gilded with rings.

Kneels one before koning and cwen
Greatest of honor, of service, of sword.
Still greater servant, with no want of patience,
Quiet and strong, he stalks like a leopard.

Heard in high halls of the Heartland his honor,
Strong as the hammer, the anvil, the forge.
Bright as the copper he bends near to breaking,
Bowing to none but his oath-sworn leige lord.

Strongest of spearmen, fiercest of Fyrd,
Held as a Huscarl to Heartlord’s high call.
Now as a knight he kneels, ennobled,
The leopard is gilded, his oath is offered.

Son of the Heart, Child of the Stag,
Our Deotrich Hiltipard, born to the blade.
For years have you served, and waited with patience;
Ring-giver proclaims your wait shall be stayed.

Now do your waist we girdle in argent,
Now at your heels and your side we set gold.
Bear now the spurs, bring forth the sword,
And ride as a knight in the lands of your King.

Done by Our hand, in the names of Our forebears,
Logan and Ylva bear witness to time.
To prove doings done during her reign,
Does Ilya sign before law.

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