Mirror Texts for Juliana and William (Pelican)

I was asked to complete scroll texts for the now Mistress Juliana and Master William on the occasion of their elevation to Pelican. I was honored to do so, and it presented a unique challenge: Rather than wanting a specific time or place, they wanted scroll texts which were similar but not exact copies of one another and that referenced specific activities.

Broadly speaking the scroll texts follow the pattern of praise poems, and feature a vaguely kenning style at numerous places. But per the request of the new Peers they mostly focused on those activities and references they wanted.


Rejoice, Calontir! Exalt in the works of your people, the fruits of their labor, and the glory of their efforts. Rejoice especially in the diverse efforts of those who have long set their hearts to the education of others, for whom it is said ‘gladly would he learn, and gladly teach.’ For without those who will teach others, the plays would end and the respites stop and all the world be a darker place for it.

One such eager teacher is the good and faithful servant William Fletcher of Carbery. Apt named arrow artist, years toiling on the field have produced this faithful fletcher’s crop: Archers aplenty, arrows alighted, joyous laughter following. His good deeds never done for fame, but for the joy of a target struck.

Teacher of children, bearer of bolts, wise and true subject of the Falcon; to him do Anton and Yseult now give new feathers, as a Companion of the Order of the Pelican. Its beak as sharp as what he sets in his quiver, its service as dear to the Heartland as he.

Let to his lands a small forest be given, a grove of good wood; strong Oak and Pine. That his shafts may be stronger, his handles heartier, and the joy of the Kingdom increased by its grant.

Done on the __ day of ________, in the 54th year since the children of the West found the green fields.

Anton                                  Yseult
King                                     Queen


Exalt in your worthy servants, O Calontir! Sing the praises of those whose efforts enrich your lands; whose labor cleaves to the common weal. For those who will gladly learn and gladly teach, let your praise be ever flowing; for without them the pageants cease and all the land grows dark and sad.

Let then there be no surcease of songs for Juliana Macnayre; slinger of sharp arrows, scribe, and servant good and true. All these seasons she has stood and set the archers to their tasks, singling out some for special instruction. Not for renown or acclaim stood she so, but for a woman’s delight when taught to make an axe soar.

Knife master, wise wielder, true and just servant of the Heartland; her do Anton and Yseult now bedeck with feathers, as a Companion of the Order of the Pelican. Not nearly as sharp as her knives are its beak; its beauty as dear as her efforts for all.

To her lands royal hands add now a quarry, of good stone and iron to be found within. Smelt it and smith it and set it in axe heads, that her classes and contests shall ever increase.

Done on the __ day of __________, in the 54th year since nobles first let loose upon the fields of the West.

Anton                                  Yseult
King                                     Queen

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