Collegia Calontiris Schedule!

For those who do not wish to use Facebook, here is the schedule for Collegia Calontiris on 12/5/2020.

If you would like to teach in a time where there is an opening, please contact me via Facebook or email

9:00 AM: Sub-Saharan African Cooking and Foodstuffs During the Middle Ages

10:00 AM: Fundamentals of Rattan Combat
Clothing of 13th Century Al-Andalus

11:00 AM: Basic Bread Making
Persian Miniature Poses
10 Ways to Win More C+T Fights

Noon: What Would William Marshal Do?
Rainbow of Colors: An Overview of Medieval Pigments

1:00 PM: Introduction to Running Lists (1.5 Hours)
Silk Roads: North and South

2:00 PM: Above Continued

3:00 PM: Am I Killing You or Respecting You? What Are We Doing on the Field of Combat?
Love and Marriage: Viking Style

4:00 PM: Titles and Honors in the SCA and Medieval/Renaissance England
Documentation 101

5:00 PM: Movement of the Heavens (2 Hours)
Modern Portraits: Using Social Media to Spur Recruitment for the SCA

6:00 PM: Movement of the Heavens (Cont.)

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