Collegia Calontiris Class Descriptions

Collegia Calontiris
Class Descriptions

Movement of the Heavens
Lord Jon Chesey

Medieval astronomers built complicated models to explain the motions they observed in the night sky. In this class, we’ll take a virtual tour of the night sky to understand what motions these astronomers sought to explain. The material covered will provide a practical introduction to the night sky for those interested in beginning astronomy.

Clothing of 13th Century al-Andalus
Duchess Catalina de Arazuri

An overview of the Clothing worn during the 13th century in al Andalus Spain.

Persian Miniature Poses
Duchess Catalina de Arazuri

We will look at some Central Asian Miniatures throughout the medieval time period focused primarily on the 15-16th century. Then we will go over some movements that can help us achieve that look in a graceful way.

Please plan on dancing in this class. Make space in your living room and if you have a camera please turn it on.

Introduction to the College of Arms and Colleges of Heralds
HL Saito Takauji

In the SCA Heraldry system, submitters are represented by two overlapping and equally important colleges: The College of Arms at the Society level, and the Kingdom Colleges of Heralds. These are their stories.

What Would William Marshal Do?
Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon

William Marshal has often been described as the Flower of Chivalry, but that may not have meant the same thing to the people of the Middle Ages as we think it does in the 20th Century. We’ll look at this dichotomy of chivalry through stories of the deeds of William Marshal.

Sub Saharan African Cooking and Foodstuffs: During the Middle Ages and Renaissance: A Survey Class
Maitress Halimah bint Abbas al-Tanji

There was a lot happening in Africa during SCA period, and we are just beginning to scratch the surface.  Join me and let me share what I have discovered over the last 3 years of research.

Love & Marriage: Viking Style
THL Vashti al-Ashariyah

An introduction to love and marriage customs in Viking cultures. We look at love, marriage customs, women’s rights, consent, and concubines with examples from sagas and legal cases and compare pre-Christian and Christian expectations.

Silk Roads: North & South
Mistress Diacbha the Weaver and THL Vashti al-Ashariyah

The “Silk Road” consisted of many routes with multiple exchanges happening along the way. We take an in depth look at two routes heading west out of China. In addition to the routes themselves we consider who travelled these routes, how they travelled, what they traded, and the dangers they faced.

Am I Killing You or Respecting You? What Are We Doing on the Field of Combat?
Hrabe’ Semjaka

As you step foot onto a tournament field or a melee field what are you doing? Winning glory and fame? Honoring your consort? Racking up a high kill count to make an impression? Learning a martial sport? Recreating an aspect of your chosen persona?  This class will be varying ideas on conduct, respect, and care for your consort, opponent(s), and the populace. We will have time for questions and discussion later in the hour.

Fundamentals of Rattan Combat
THL Faustus Cantilius Lupus

Breaking down the fundamentals of rattan fighting.

Documentation 101
HL Ysabel de la Oya

We look at the documentation requirements on the kingdom website, and talk about how to create beginner and intermediate documentation.

Modern Portraits: Using Social Media to Spur Recruitment for the SCA
Lady Jorunna Refsdottir

How officers and chatelains can work together to draw people to the SCA using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Titles and Honors in the SCA and Medieval/Renaissance England
THL Saito Takauji

The SCA’s award structure is loosely based on England and Western Europe, but the emphasis is on the word “loosely.” In this class we’ll run through first an introduction to the SCA’s awards, titles, and honors; followed by comparing them to those used in England during our period (and today).

SCA Recruitment for the Populace Part 1: The Journey and the Destination
Master Vincente deVere

This class discusses recruitment from the perspective of a process starting with first contact and leading towards ownership, discussing needs of the member and recruiters at each stage.  Also a discussion of educational outcomes to aid new members in becoming good and contributing members and using the goals to design quality recruitment resources.

SCA Recruitment for the Populace Part 2: Sales Resources
Master Vincent deVere

Many of our current members are still in the crafty mood, wanting to make things that help them escape from the daily grind, but that also support their larger adventure.  This presentation talks about the underlying goals of recruitment and shows connections to various projects in order to fill a recruiter’s tool box with resources.

10 Ways to Win More C&T Fights
Master Gawin Kappler

This class will introduce 10 key actions that will make you a better C&T fighter and allow you to win more fights.

Beads from Birka and Ribe
Baroness Hannah d’Avila

Using pictures of glass beads found at Birke and Ribe, we will discuss how to reproduce what we see. Together we will create a process, then attempt to put it into practice. Class is useful for reproducing any material item.

Rainbow of Colors: An Overview of Medieval Pigments
THLady Marion Forrester

Medieval artists had a wide array of colors to choose from.  We’ll talk about what pigments were used, when they were used, how the material made the transformation from raw material to pigment, what material they are made from, and where those materials came from.

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