Cross for Gyda

(Adapted from Caedmon’s Hymn, a 7th century Old English hymn, and the Egils Saga Skallagrimsson, a 13th Century Saga of Egill Skallagrimsson—himself a 10th Century Norse poet, sorcerer, and berserker. Laugardargr is an old Norse word for Saturday)

Now we shall honor                       Falcon Kingdom’s Noble,
The might of her deeds                 the skill of her mind plans.
Called bearer of brightness           Ring giver for Kings,
Long has she led                              Her people in honor.
Great plains guardian                     Caller of cattle,
Weave wielding warder                Working her wonders.
Gyda Kennara,                                 Fire haired fire tender.

The King in his Coat                       A ring on his right arm
Where Falcons have rested          And battle was done.
The gift hangs glowing                  Given for greatness
A Calontir Cross                               for Honors earned.
Gilded with Sif’s Hair                      The Queen singing glory,
Proclaims to the people                The wonders she’s done.

Done on the Laugardargr              Fifth of February, 56th year,
For the one who has given           Her people a roof.
Sealed with Signets                        In All-Father’s Name.

Hirsch Magdalena
Konung                                              Drottning

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