Lily for Konstantia

(Scroll text based on the secular epigrams and moral sayings of St. Kassia, a 9th Century Byzantine-Greek composer—the first female composer whose works have survived into the modern age. The epigrams are moral teachings framed as things she hates and often exposing hypocrisy, such as: “I hate a rich man complaining as a poor man” and “I hate the one who does not encourage everyone with words.” While an intensely period piece to draw from, it’s tone is very different from normal SCA scroll texts; the third verse was changed to love to emphasize the more positive tone and end on a higher note, while still keeping the epigrammatic form. Examples:

Byzantine titles are used from Magistrissa and Hypatissa Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina’s “Alternate Byzantine Titles Project,” and represent Imperial—Augoustos and Autokratera—as well as Royal—Basileos and Basilissa—authority. While appropriate for a Byzantine scroll text, if TRM desire less Imperial titles the A titles could be cut out to leave the B titles and the signature line changed. Source: Konstantia themself worked on this project.

Ab Origine Mundi, or alternatively Anno Mundi, was the dating system used in the Byzantine calendar. It refers to a date for the creation of the world derived from the Septuagint, and is appropriate for Konstantia’s persona. Anno Societatis could also be used.)

Hirsch, Augoustos and Basileos, reads the words of the divine:
I hate the one who seeks credit for the things they have not done;
I hate the ones who deny credit to those who have worked in earnest.
I hate the one who teaches knowing nothing;
I hate those who spurn the teachers of wisdom.

Magdalena, Autokratera and Basilissa, reads the holy truth:
I hate those who destroy things of beauty with their words or deeds;
I hate when those who bring beauty do not see their value.
I hate those who consume the deeds of others for themselves;
I hate when the world does not reward those who act.

Together, they proclaim the will of their people:
We love those who bring beauty to Our Kingdom.
We love those in our Order of the Calon Lily.
We love those like Our Konstantia Kaloethina, who paint the heavens,
And that we may bring them into the Lily’s petals.

Done on this ___ day of the month of _______, 7530 Ab Origine Mundi.

Hirsch Magdalena
Augoustos                                                                       Autokratera

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