Lily for Baroness Zoe

Oh that I might capture the essence of beautiful things;

Nightingale song, silken thread, or the deep midwinter night,

With but half the brilliance of the shining pearl Zoe.

Then let the gilded one be gilded more, and Lily bloomed;

Fold the brilliant petals softly in her finest silks,

To glow half as bright as her talent, half as warm as her smile.

Ashir                                    Ashland

Taewang                             Wangbi

(Text is in the ‘Sijo’ style of Korean poetry, which are poems of three lines averaging 14-16 syllables each. The wording is based on a Sijo by Hwang Jin-I, 1522-1565, a famous Korean poet and kisaeng—female entertainer. Taewang means ‘King of Kings’ and is a cognate to Khagan or the Chinese ‘Haungdi’ [Emperor]. Wangbi is Queen.)

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