Ducal Scroll for Damien

We, Ashir, by grace King of Calontir, Defender of the Heartland, Heir to the seat of Ternon and Chepe; and Ashland, by right worth Queen of the same, Guardian of the Heart of the Oak, Heir to the seat of Ghleanna and Arwyn, send greetings to their right loyal and most noble subject.

Damien MacGavin, by freehold Count, bearer of the Cross of Calontir, of the line of Dukes and heir to great names, you have preserved the honor of Our lands and ensured that evil deeds not remain unpunished. As in the time of your fathers you bestowed many favours and numerous privileges upon the worthy and sought justice in the land, as proper at all times for a knight. You have seen fit to preserve the dignity of the peerage, expanded its ranks, and measured the candidates thereof to admit only the worthy and to reject the unworthy.

By these words do We, as the law commands and Our hearts gladly obey, prefer, install and create you as a Duke. Because confusion easily creeps in where there is no Order, We do hereby grant you the following privileges and immortalize them in these writings that none may doubt Our will. We grant to you additional acreage adjacent to your current estate that your lands me be increased threefold. That you shall bear a coronet of gold adorned with strawberry leaves as befits your rank and station. That you shall outfit and arm a household of knights, squires, servants, and retainers, to serve the Kingdom and defend it at war, to which end We grant you an allowance of 2500 livres per annum. And We grant you privilege over any Royal forests which may be on or abut your land, to hunt in and have hunted by those you deem worthy.

In the name of our ancestors and the blessings of peace do We record these words and set Our names and seals, two days before the Ides of January, in the Year of the Society 52. It is not lawful for any whatever to infringe upon these words or to act contrary to them.

Ashir                                                   Ashland

King                                                    Queen

(Based on the Statutes of Gregory IX for the University of Paris, 1231; the Foundation of the University of Heidelberg A.D. 1386; and the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320).

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