Herald Extraordinary Text for Dorcas

To all and sundry whom these letters effeir We, Saito Takauji, Gold Falcon Principal Herald of Calontir, send greetings. Considering the acts and requirements of Our righteous Laurel Queen of Arms, as well as the statutes of Our dread sovereigns Ashir III and Ashland, I am impowered to review the whole roster of Heralds within the Kingdom; and to matriculate and advance their rank as appropriate.

Under these auspices I do therefore testify and make known the diverse and sundry good deeds of Our beloved Dorcas Whitecap, Order of the Pelican, former of Our office and of late times Saker. For those aforesaid deeds and in conformity with the precedents established by Our predecessors, she is hereby elevated and confirmed to the rank of Herald Extraordinary with all rights and privileges thereunto.

Given at Oakheart on the fourteenth day of April in the 52nd year of the Society.

Takauji Gold Falcon

(Based on Patent of Arms to John Maxwell lord Herries, 1567 and Grant of Arms to the Royal Burgh of Aberdeen, 1674, both by Lord Lyon King of Arms).

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