Mag Mor Baronial Investiture

Baronial Investiture Ceremony
Takauji and Lelia

Crown 1: For seven years, through days of milk and honey and dark times of isolation, our great northwestern lands have been led by the steadfast and true.

Crown 2: But now their Excellencies Gyda Glora and Villhjalmr Half-Troll have asked that these duties—heavy, but not a burden—be released from them.

TRM Herald: Their Majesties call into their court the Baron and Baroness of Mag Mor.

Crown 1: We take from you now the coronets of the Barony of Mag Mor, birthplace of the Kingdom. Leadership like yours will be hard to replace.

Crown 2: We release you now with our gratitude, and the gratitude of the Kingdom. Service like yours deserves thanks, and rest.

Gyda and Half-Troll depart. Pause for applause.

Crown 1: But Our great plains should not be left without leadership. A Barony must have a Baronage, or else its dignity will suffer.

Crown 2: We have sought counsel, spoken to the wise, and selected those who will speak with our voice. We call them now to Our court.

MM Herald 1: Comes now before the Falcon Throne the Lord Saito Takauji. Bushi and courtier. Awarded arms by Hoegarden and Chiara. Recognized for art by the Khan and Khatan; for service by Damien and Issabell. A son of the stag, in service to the Falcon, and the han of Ohata. (Pronunciation: Hoe-garden and Key-arah; hah-n; Ooh-hah-tah)

MM Herald 2: Comes now before the Falcon Throne the Lady Lelia Corsini. Artist and maker. Awarded Arms by Their Majesties Hirsch and Magdalena. Recognized for art by Agamemnon and Gwen, for science by the Ashir and Ashland, and service by Xerxes and Belanna. A daughter of the scarlet keep, in service to the Falcon, and the Toro d’Oro. (Pronunciation: Toh-ro duh-oh-roe)

Uji and Lelia process in with a small party. The party splits off at the edge of the presence; Uji and Lelia bow, and then advance to kneel.

Crown 1: Lord Takauji. Will you serve our successors with the same loyalty you have shown to us? Will you strive to work with your fellow daimyo, suppressing petty jealousies and differences? And will you report faithfully if you ever cannot perform these duties?

Uji: I will.

Crown 2: Lady Lelia. Will you love reason and justice, never viewing them as a bridle but a gift? Will you obey duty and honor, knowing to do so is to lead true? Will you lead with prudence, humanity, liberality, and unconquered courage?

Lelia: I will.

Crown 1: Then we would have your oaths.


Crown 2: Take these coronets from our hands, as a symbol of your stewardship of these lands. But always remember that though you sit on high, you are a servant: Of the Crown, and of the people.

Their Majesties put the coronets on Uji and Lelia.

Crown 1: Sit and hold court as the Baron and Baroness of Mag Mor. Your Excellencies—your people. Mag Mor, your Baron and Baroness.

Fasti (Mag Mor Herald): Here opens the court of their Excellencies, Takauji and Lelia, Baron and Baroness of Mag Mor.

(Explanations: Mag Mor is called the Birthplace of the Kingdom because it is where the first Crown was held. Han means ‘fiefdom’, and Ohata is the Japanese translation Uji is using for ‘Great Plains’. Toro d’Oro is Italian for ‘Gold Bull.’

The questions to Uji are adapted from the Oath of Allegiance sworn by the Council of Five Elders in Japan in 1598. The questions to Lelia are adapted from discussions of princes from The Book of the Courtier by Baldassare Castiglione, from 1526)

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