Calon Lily for Isibil Edvinsdottir

Wealth is swift as a winking eye, favors the falsest of friends. All of these must pass as cattle and kin, the winter wind weaning away worldly wonders. Logan, seeker of mysteries and mighty Konung, knows the depth of the dark on the plains in the cold. Ylva, wisest, brightest, most blessed and faithful Drottning, savors the strength of the souls of her people. Together they speak the ancient wisdom, proclaiming the things which last for all time.

One has shown her mind’s worth to Konung and Drottning, given greatly of her gifts to the good of the land. Sheep’s skin for soldiers, wefted wool for warriors, hardy hats held for the high in the hall. Isibil Edvinsdottir is known by the work of the loom, the swiftness of fingers, the sharpness of needle. None around her go cold in the storm; none who know her lack for joy. When the tree is broken, the hall is fallen, and the world has passed, her fame will never cease.

To her brow wind Sif’s hair; to her arm, the fire of the river. To her breast a Lily, sacred to the heartland, to sing the song to all of her kin.

So let it be proclaimed by the skalds; so spoken by the law speakers; and so recorded as long as the fire burns, the wind blows, and the falcon flies, on the ___ day of March, in the 57th year of the Society.

Logan                                  Ylva

Konung                               Drottning

(The first two sentences are a reference to Stanza 76 of the Havamal, which in the Auden and Taylor translation says ‘Cattle die, kindred die,/Every man is mortal/But the good name never dies/Of one who has done well’ It also includes lines playing on the Bellows translation: ‘Wealth is as swift | as a winking eye, Of friends the falsest it is.’

Ylva’s description is taken from Kalf Katr 43VII describing St. Catherine “The gentlest, bright and most pure, blessed, most faithful, great and intelligent, fair and beautiful screen of velvet [WOMAN] then went with the crown of martyrdom to the kingdom of the heavens.”

Mind’s worth is a kenning meaning honor. The reference to sheep’s skin, wefted wool, and hardy hats are examples of the work she has done as a tailor—garb for Joachim and Wulfric as C&T General and Captain for Gulf, and the hat is a reference to the Laurel hat she made for Mistress Vashti. Making sure that it is tied to tailoring is the swiftness of finger and the sharpness of needle; and then emphasizing her generosity.

Sif’s hair and the fire of the river are both kennings for gold. The final line is designed to tie into the first two sentences by making them things which will last; and also to tie them into the fealty oaths used by Logan and Ylva without directly copying them)

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