Kupe Knighting Scroll

What are the numbers etched on the soul of the world? What figures drive the power of seasons and cycles, and the great Empire of Rivermoor?

23: the number of Kingdoms since the dawn.

8: The years of the Empire of Rivermoor.

5: The knighthoods of the realm, the peak of their forms.

18: The knights of four belts, legends of Amtgard.

1: Apex Radiant Warlord Kupe-sama Stronghand, Darkjester.

But these numbers cannot hold eternal. Chaos, time, and fate work upon them constantly. From one the kingdoms flourished; from four the knighthoods grew. Now the Thunder of heaven, the pounding of drums, and the echoing cheers of all Rivermoor etch a new number in the immortal stone: 19. For Kupe has come and written his honor among the Knights of the Sword, and added his name to the new Olympians. Let all know his name! Let all sing his glory! Let the world tremble with his passing, forever changed by his deeds.

Seared in fire, sealed in stone, called on the wind, pledged to the depths, and echoed across the void itself on DATE, 2023.


(The recipient’s only request was that the scroll be as badass as possible. As it states, he is only the 19th person to receive four knighthoods in Amtgard, so badassery is well warranted. Kupe’s original title of Apex Radiant was used in the text, but changed to his preferred title of Summa Rudis when it was made. Obviously, I’m glad his preferred title ended up on the scroll; but I left the original here for historical purposes)

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