Cross – Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla

(Maria’s Laurel ceremony was written as the entry into a religious order, with elements drawn from historical ceremonies for both nuns and priests. As such, this text is designed to build off of that as a granting of further privileges to a religious figure. It is primarily based on the Papal Bull ‘Vinae Domini Custodes’, a 1225 grant of a mission to two Dominican friars; as well as the Bull ‘Religiosam Vitam,’ which recognized the Dominican Order in 1216).

Elias, King, servant of the servants of Calontir, and Adalyde, Queen, chanter of the sacred words, to the beloved servants of the Order of the Cross of Calontir, send health and greetings.

As We are positioned as custodians of the spiritual vineyard of the Kingdom, We have the duty to anoint keepers to its care. Wherefore, We benevolently assent to the just requests of your Order, and secure it with the present written privilege.

By Our hands and in the sight of the people, therefore, do We appoint our trusted and righteous servant Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla, to the service of your Order.

In order that she might perform her duties and expand the spirit of the Kingdom, we confirm her in those lands and properties which were entrusted to her keeping at her consecrated elevation and which shall belong inviolably to her. We further grant her the right to construct a chapter house of her order upon those lands, and further let no one presume to extort from her tithes or taxes from the fruits of her labor or those of her herds, save for our lawful heirs.

If, therefore, in the future any person or persons whosoever, having knowledge of this Our document, shall rashly attempt to contravene it, and if, after a second or third admonition, they refuse to correct their fault by fitting satisfaction, let them forfeit the dignity of their power and honor; and let them know that they shall stand guilty of the perpetrated evil before Our judgment. Nevertheless, may all those who uphold the rights of the said place have Our blessing, receive the fruit of good action here on earth, and receive the rewards of peace.

Given at Oakheart, by Our hand, on the 11th of May, Anno Societatis LIX, in the second month of Our reign.

______________________                                  ________________________
Rex                                                                  Regina

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