Marie Chantal Delaire – Pelican

Marie Chantal Delaire Pelican Ceremony

Researched and Written by Saito Takauji

Introduction and Notes:

Baroness Marie is unaware that she is going to be made a Pelican, so there is no opportunity for her to have input into specifics she would like in her ceremony. As such, the main part of this ceremony is designed around the ‘Calontir standard’ peerage ceremony. But it was also written to include specific references to her long service in the Barony of Vatavia, to ensure that it still feels as personal as possible. Other themes and references were the induction to a religious or chivalric order. Where possible, French or Gallo-Anglic sources such as the Matter of Britain (King Arthur) have also been used.



Christine de Pizan, Ballad XVIII, and The Book of the City of Ladies.

Bible Gateway, King James Version,

West Kingdom History Project,

Calontir Order of Precedence,

Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur.

Dramatis Personae:

KING:Elias de Jaye
QUEEN:Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora
PEER:Marie Chantal Delaire
PRINCE:Robert Magnus
PRINCESS:Magge Magnus
ROYAL HERALD:Dorissa Claire
BOON BEGGER:Johann Steinarsson
DEFENSE SPEAKERJoachim Courtenay der Marxbruder
ROYAL PEER SPEAKERRhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd
POPULACE SPEAKER:Robert Steven MacLaren, called the Scott.
ROBE GIVER:Catlin Marie de Moretaine
CAP GIVER:Isibil Edvinsdottir


The ceremony begins in the normal course of Royal court, with other business having been conducted. There is a lull in court, and JOHANN approaches the court.

JOHANN: Your Majesties, I approach on behalf of your Kingdom’s chapter of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Pelican. Will you permit me to approach and discuss our business?

KING: For as long as we have been a Kingdom and even before, your noble Order has been part of our lands. We would never deny a lawful request from your Order.

QUEEN: Approach, and speak the words of wisdom that the most gracious Pelicans of Our kingdom have bid you to speak.

Johann approaches to the cushions, but remains standing.

JOHANN: Your Majesties, it has long been the privilege of the Peerage Orders to consider candidates for inclusion and recommend them to the Crown for elevation. Among the Pelican we prize long service, perseverance, and competence for those who would join our Order. Do your Majesties agree that these are right attributes of one of your Peers?

KING: These are mete qualities for a Peer, but as neither of us are Pelicans we cannot speak to if they are the best qualities for your Order. Your Highnesses, as you are of this order, do these match your expectations?

PRINCE: Your Majesties, we believe as was taught that the calling of our Order is through love to serve one another.[1]

PRINCESS: In our sight, the true teaching of the Pelican is thus: To comfort the afflicted, to provide for those who require it, and to keep your honor unsullied before the world.[2]

QUEEN: With the affirmation of our well beloved heirs, we confirm your expectations match our own, Master Johann.

JOHANN: The Order has discussed one of your subjects, your Majesties, and finds her most perfect to receive high acclaim. Among the gentlest ever made, the pleasantest in the Kingdom; and yet of quick mind, her chronicles have long recorded the doings of your Barony of Vatavia, so that future generations may discover their history.

KING: If it is she who we have spoken of before, we agree. She is a most noble creature, in whom resides great virtue.

QUEEN: Call the Order, that we may discuss that virtue, and receive counsel if she is fit to be elevated into your chapter of this august order.

ROYAL HERALD: Their Royal Majesties call before them their Order of the Pelican, and all those Pelicans from other kingdoms who may be present at this time.

The members of the Order of the Pelican enter court, and array themselves around the throne—leaving a pathway for the other speakers.

JOHANN: Your Majesties, I ask you to call Baroness Marie Chantal Delaire for examination, and elevation our Order.

KING: It shall be done.

ROYAL HERALD: Their Royal Majesties call before them and their Order of the Pelican Baroness Marie Chantal Delaire.

Marie’s processional begins their entrance, during which time she is heralded in by the Royal Herald. The speakers for the ceremony process

ROYAL HERALD: Awarded Arms by Gabriel and Hywela, entered into the Torse by Shadan and Alix; advanced to the Cross by Valens and Elspeth, and named to the Baronage of the Court by Chrystofer Kensor and Margarette.

Once the processional is complete.

QUEEN: Your Excellency, you stand before us a candidate seeking admission to a great Peerage Order. Is it your desire to undergo the examination, and receive the instruction, necessary and customary to do so?

MARIE (prompted if necessary): Responds in the affirmative.

KING: Master Johann, has she sat vigil, received the wisdom of both those who would be her peers and the people she would lead?

JOHANN: She has, your Majesty.

QUEEN: Are there representatives of the peerage orders and the populace ready to speak to the candidate’s qualifications?

JOHANN: There are, your Majesties.

KING: Then call them forth, and let them give instruction to Her Excellency.

JOHANN: To speak for the Order of Chivalry, I call upon Sir Wulfric Tyrell.

CHIVALRY SPEAKER: Ours was the first peerage, created in a moment of inspiration on the battlefield. We are those of whom it is said that we have promised to do battle to the utmost, while our life lasteth; to prefer to die with honour than live with shame. With the Pelican we share our courage and strength, which we see well in you. Long have you recorded the victors of our battles, and we thank you for it.

Chivalry speaker says other words as appropriate.

JOHANN: To speak for the Order of the Laurel, I call upon MASTER Rhodri ap Hywel.

LAUREL SPEAKER: Ours was the second peerage, created the same day as the Rose, the Dukedom, the Award and Grant of Arms, and the Court Baronage that you bear. Ours was the first planned peerage, the genius of our efforts to find the past yielding a new Order. With the Pelican we share our inspiration and creativity, for arts or for solutions to the issues of our people, which we see well in you. Long have you tended the arms of your Barony, and decked the halls of our scaffolds and pavilions with their images, and we thank you for it.

Laurel speaker says other words as appropriate.

JOHANN: To speak for the Order of Defense, I call upon MASTER Joachim Courtenday der Marxbruder.

DEFENSE SPEAKER: Ours is the most recent peerage, with every Kingdom given the chance to create its own premiers. Ours was the result of years of effort, the hopes and prayers of countless. With the Pelican we share our perseverance and dedication, which we see well in you. Long have you kept to your labors, with today your just reward, and we thank you for it.

Defense speaker says other words as appropriate.

JOHANN: The final bestowed peerage you will hear from is the one you seek to join, the Order of the Pelican. On their behalf I call upon MISTRESS Dorcas Whitecap.

PELICAN SPEAKER: Ours was the third peerage, created with the identification of a need—for those who excelled at neither war nor art, but served with the sweat of their brow. It was decided that the Society should not be unrighteous, to forget our work and labor and ignore our ministries; instead, it should be recognize us with honor ever more[3]. We pierce our own breast, and the realm is fed, which we see well in you. You have been the record of your Barony, an artist of arms, and a beating heart of the Kingdom for many years. All of which we thank you for.

Pelican says other words as appropriate.

JOHANN: The final instruction you must hear come from those who have served the highest calling in the Kingdom, and those who you would guide and lead. Countess Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd will give you the wisdom of the Royal Peerage; and Baron Robert MacLaren, called the Scot will speak for the people of Calontir.

ROYAL: The royal peerage, in essence, dates from the very first tournament, where a lady was crowned Queen of Love and Beauty; and recognized later retroactively. Ours is the order of leadership and presence, for we are to be seen and judged by all. The lesson we teach is to be warned of vain glory and pride, for such things will not benefit the people you are tasked to lead. But we have seen in you genuine humility, in your years of quiet labor, and we thank you for it.

Royal speaker says other words as appropriate.

POPULACE: We are the people of the Kingdom, the ones with neither beginning nor ending; for who can have been the first, and who should be the last? The Peers are taken from us, and elevated above us; but also, in some ways, by us. Because without us, who is to be led, and who could follow? Ours is the order of loyalty, for it is by our loyalty to the Society that it continues. But we have seen that loyalty in you, and we love you for it.

Populace speaker says other words as appropriate.

JOHANN: Your Majesties, in accordance with the traditions of this Kingdom, Baroness Marie has received the instruction of the Orders, the Royal Peers, and the People. She stands ready for induction into the Order of the Pelican. We ask you, as distributors of rank and protector of the privileges of the Orders, to receive and admit her into our ranks.

HERALD: Marie Chantal Delaire, pay respect to the Crown of the Kingdom of Calontir, and receive their words.

Marie advances to the cushion, and kneels in front of the Crown.

KING: Baroness Marie, this step is a weighty and important one. If undertaken, you will be an example to the people and a leader of the Kingdom. Is it still your desire to become a member of this Order, founded in antiquity, and grown in the heart of the Falcon?

MARIE: Responds in the affirmative.

QUEEN: Your Excellency. Do you swear upon your honor that you will be a good Peer, a true servant of the Kingdom, and an advocate for the people—whom you are being elevated above, but are not better than—without prejudice, bias, or improper motive?

MARIE: Responds in the affirmative.

KING: You have been found worthy. Let not fear besiege your heart[4], for you are held in the esteem of this Kingdom.

King places his scepter on Maria’s shoulder.

KING: May your skills be ever increased in service of Crown and Kingdom.

QUEEN: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the strength of the Kingdom shall be with you wherever you go.[5]

Queen places her scepter on Maria’s other shoulder.

QUEEN: May your gentle demeanor serve always as an example of courtesy to all who would observe you.

King and Queen cross their scepters on Maria’s head.

CROWN (TOGETHER): And may your spirit ever follow the goals your heart sets before you.

KING: At this time, is it your desire to swear fealty as a newly created Pelican?



QUEEN: By virtue and elevation is a Peer made, but by tokens are they known. Is there a a cap of maintenance, a medallion, and a cloak?

JOHANN: There are, your Majesties. The cap of maintenance will be presented by Her Ladyship Isibil Edvinsdottir, the medallion by His Lordship William Douglas, and the Cloak by Her Ladyship Catlin Marie de Moretaine.

CAP GIVER: In many societies across many ages, rank has been indicated by caps or hats. In our society, this cap of maintenance is a particular symbol of this Order. Trimmed in ermine, it is a symbol of rank; colored as blood, a reminder of your sacrifice. Wear it in honor, and humility—for as your coronet it is as much a reminder of your ongoing commitment as it is a badge of glory.

Cap Giver speaks other words as appropriate, before handing the cap to the Crown to place upon Marie’s head.

MEDALLION GIVER: The symbol of our Order is a Pelican in its piety; that is, piercing its own breast to feed its youth by its own blood. An ancient symbol of sacrifice, adorning those who sacrifice for the Kingdom. But note the word piety; for it is an act of faith to give to another, sanctifying the giver and the recipient. Be so sanctified, and the Kingdom will never have cause to regret the emblem placed in your hands this day.

Medallion Giver speaks other words as appropriate, and then passes the medallion to their Majesties to place upon Marie.

CLOAK GIVER: Yours is an order of sacrifice, but not an order which demands you sacrifice everything—time yes, sweat yes, health and life never. This cloak which identifies you to the people is also a reminder to you that you should tend to your needs as well; for if you have given everything possible today, you can serve no one tomorrow. Wear it in honor, warmth, and as a beacon to those who need your service so that they can always find you.

Cloak Giver speaks other words as appropriate, and assists their Majesties or another person requested by Marie to settle the cloak over her shoulders.

KING: From our hands and from the people of Calontir, receive the trappings of your peerage. But remember always it was your shining soul and countless deeds which earned you this place.

QUEEN: May the spirit of the Falcon always live in your breast, and encourage you always to seek higher causes and deeds.

KING: May you never forget the lessons learned on this day, or the precepts of your Order; may they always be strengthened within you.

QUEEN: Calontir, your newest Pelican!

KING: Herald, please read the scroll.

[1] Galatians 5:13.

[2] James 1:27 (loosely).

[3] Hebrews 6:10.

[4] C.f. Psalm 27:3.

[5] Joshua 1:9.

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