King and Queen of Cups

(Note: This is written in honor of King Damien and Queen Issabell.  The Queen’s Chalice is the children’s award in Calontir)


The King and Queen of Cups


The King and queens of cousin realms had gathered round to play

And each of them chose a suit to be theirs for the day.


The Midrealm King pulled forth a card, on which a sword was laid,

And loudly started telling of the wondrous choice he’d made.

“The swords the thing,” said Dragon King, “to win the games we play.

For as it rules upon the field shall I rule here this day.”


Young Northshield’s crown produced a card, emblazoned with a staff,

And quickly spoke to reassure he had not made a gaffe.

“The staff is right,” said Griffon crown, “You’ll see it in the end.

A sword may strike but oaken staff a people will defend.”


Next came lupine Ealdormere, a scarlet pentacle adorned,

And spoke to save a suit that other crowns had hereto scorned.

The Queen announced “It’s wisdom that the pentacle bestows,”

Her King agreed that this was far mightier than blows.


Last spoke great Damien, and fair Issabell as one,

To show their chosen suit and show what they had done.

“You all chose well,” the tall King spoke, “but we’ve made the better choice.”

“The chalice of dear Calontir.” came Issabell’s sweet voice.


“But how can mugs strike down a foe?” Came Dragon Queen’s deride.

“How can a cup defend a land,” said Northshield by her side.

“What wisdom can a chalice bring?” the lupine Queen put out,

As each royal couple’s face revealed their open doubts.


“The battles of the future won,” Issabell relayed,

“And a cup defends our future, though the benefits delayed.”

The King spoke then “In Calontir for the chalice we are wild.

For in Calontir the chalice represents the greatness of the child.”


“For the child will be the sword in hand for future victory.

And the salvation of our land will fall to warriors yet to be.”

Issabell took her lord’s hand and in bell-like voice she spoke,

“For we all know that each acorn is someday a mighty oak.”


The Crowns of all the friendly realms put forth no more voice,

For each among them knew their kin had made the greatest choice.

And as one the dragon, griffon, and the wolf lifted praises up,

For Damien and Issabell, the King and Queen of Cups.

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