Cross Scroll Text for Sato and Ise

Having respectfully succeeded to the throne through virtue, the Tennô Ashir is possessed of a solicitude for all men. The Chûgu, Ashland, is ever intent on spreading benevolence and peace through all of the lands. Their fervent desire is for all to live under the aegis of the Falcon, that the benefits of peace may be brought to all warring factions, even animals and plants sharing in its fruits for all time to come. Therefore they take this vow:

All who serve the common good, and bring peace to the lands shall be rewarded. But those who serve in peace and assist the preparations of warriors most of all shall be honored. Serving those who serve would appear to be an easy task, yet a lack of sufficient forethought might result in the people being put to great trouble. The names of those who help to lead, and train, warriors in the art of the horse and sword shall be inscribed at the base of a monument to Hachiman.

Sato Jiro of the House of Kuji and Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru have undertaken to lead the mounted warriors of Our lands. In their names we create a shrine of veneration to Hachiman. Wood from their lands shall be carved into ema to furnish it, and for the shintai we command a stirrup from each of their most spirited mules. For their worth and dedication, and in accordance with the law and will of the land, we raise them in honor to the Cross of Calontir.

Let no authority disturb or harass them by arbitrary demand, for We exercise all the power in the land by our lawful edicts. This edict is to be proclaimed far and wide so that all may understand Our intentions in the matter.

Sealed under the law, and in accordance with Our will on the ___ day of ______________, in the first year of the current era, known as Anno Societatis ___ in some courts.

Ashir                                                   Ashland

Tennô                                                 Chûgu

(This scroll text is based on the ‘Proclamation of the Emperor Shōmu on the Erection of the Great Buddha Image’, by the Emperor Shōmu in the year 743)

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