Stile Hirth for William Douglas

(Based on ‘Grant of a crest to Thomas Cathorne of Pembrokeshire, 1553’, Cynthia’s Revels by Ben Johnson (1600), and period prize announcements of the London Company of Masters)

BE IT KNOWN to all that profess arms that Ashir, by right of such skill King of Calontir, and Ashland, by wisdom his Queen, send greetings.

Equity wills and reason ordains that virtuous men of noble courage be by their merits and good renown rewarded not only by their deeds, but be set in a place of honor with others of their kind. As such Our ancestors created by their hand and royal will the Order of the Stile Fyrd, to give leave and license to those skilled in the subtle mysteries of defence to practice said art and to recognize their demonstrations of honor on the field.

Having especial knowledge of his good works and skill in the arms, We do therefore prefer and create William Douglas, subject of our Realm, by Grant of Arms a member of this noble Order. He has been found a well-tried and sufficient man with diverse weapons, and played the prize victoriously within Our lists here and in years past.

In witness whereof We affix these letters under the Royal sign-manual this 16th Day of June, Anno Societatis 52, at the 31st War of the Lilies.

Ashir                           Ashland

Rex                              Regina

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